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Solutions for Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working

By Zoe Clarke

December 08, 2017

Apple Music Family Sharing enables users to share all of the benefits of Apple Music with their families. You are keeping good mood when Apple Music Family Sharing works smoothly. But imagine the situation that Apple Music Family Sharing is suddenly not working, how can you deal with it? Don't worry, the solutions below may help you fix it now.


Part 1. Solutions of Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working

Solution 1. Make sure that Family Sharing is set up correctly. When your family members join Family Sharing, they need to confirm the Apple ID that they want to use for iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks, and App Store purchases and make sure that Share My Purchases is on. If you select not share related content, then other families in the Family plan can't see the content. Therefore, you have to go to Settings to reset Share My Purchases.

Turn on Share My Purchases

Solution 2. iTunes Store is not open to all countries and regions. Check whether all family members are in the same iTunes Store country. Just run your iTunes and click Account to view your account. If account of one of family members is found in different country/region, then he/she need to change the country/region of Apple ID.

Solution 3. If you or other families has more than one Apple IDs, then you might be signed in to the iTunes Store using Apple ID that isn't chose for sharing content. In this case, just sign out and sign in with the Apple ID selected for Family Sharing. Don't forget to see if this account has same problems as Solution 1 & 2.

Solution 4. Apps in iTunes Store can be shared with family members too. If you discover an amazing app and want to share, you can go to its product page in the App Store and scroll down to Information and see if it says Yes or No in the Family Sharing section. If a family member has hidden one of their items, none of other members can see it. They can unhide those items if they want to share.

View Hidden Purchased Items

Solution 5. If the above solutions are not working, try to remove all members that are listed as "family" on the Family Sharing settings and re-add them one by one. Or log out of Apple Music, iCloud, and iTunes, and then logging back in.

Part 2. Alternative Method to Share Apple Music with Families

Still get stuck in being unable to share Apple Music with your family members? TuneFab Apple Music Converter can help you to get rid of this trouble perfectly. Interested in how the software works? Just keep reading.

Songs you downloaded from iTunes are in the format of M4P which is  encrypted with Digital Rights Management. The function of Apple Music Converter is to remove DRM and thus convert M4P to MP3. Know about key features deeply so that you can make a decision to get this professional converter.

Key Features:

#Easily convert all Apple Music tracks to MP3, AAC, WAV etc.

#Transfer Audible AA/AAX or iTunes M4B audiobooks to popular MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc.

#Automatically access iTunes Library.

#Customize output audio tracks.

Hope the solutions above can help you solve the "Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working" issue easily. And do remember to download TuneFab Apple Music Converter to your PC, and follow the step-by-step user guide to convert Apple Music to MP3 songs. After that ,you can enjoy Apple Music on various devices including non-Apple ones.

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