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You probably desire to save some latest music videos launched on YouTube to keep them as personal collections offline. However, YouTube has limited such feature, which requires users to access the download function only after subscribing to YouTube premium. Worse yet, there are still limitations that exist while using the official download function. Under such situations, you may wonder if there is another alternative way to download music videos from YouTube without premium subscription.

Luckily, we have discovered pretty useful software that is workable to help. Now, just go through the blog and learn how to download music videos from YouTube with no prmium!


Download Music Videos from YouTube: Limitations of YouTube

Before heading to the software that YouTube music videos download, you may wonder why YouTube premium subscription is not a priority choice if you consider downloading music videos from YouTube. Although it will ensure the best resolutions for you to keep YouTube music videos for having the best streaming experience offline, you are required to follow some restrictions on accessing or managing the downloads:

Subscription fee Pay for the subscription fee at US$11.99/month to keep accessing the YouTube Music download feature and your downloads by renewing the premium plan. Or the downloaded YouTube music videos will expire when the subscription is canceled.
Device limitation All YouTube music video downloads are only streamable within YouTube Music app. Additionally, you are only allowed to access the download feature with the same account on up to 10 devices.
Regional restriction Some music videos are regionally restricted. Only available places are allowed to access, stream, or download them because of the copyright or content protection rules.
Time limitation All YouTube music video downloads are available to be streamed offline within 48 hours after downloading them. You will be required to reconnect to the network every 48 hours to keep the videos playable offline.

Hence, if you desire flexible and limitation-free controls on all YouTube music videos, YouTube Premium is not an ideal choice for you to process the download. Instead, you need help from more professional help to get over all the limitations mentioned above. Now, keep reading and grasp the software that is able to help.

How to Download Music Videos from YouTube Without Premium via a Third-party Tool

The most fundamental reason causing the YouTube music video download limitation should be the DRM encrypted employed by YouTube to protect its streaming content. Hence, by stripping DRM off YouTube music videos, you are able to get rid of all these limitations, and then keep and play them offline without hassle. To process this, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will be the best software you shall not miss.

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter empowers powerful functionality to decrypt DRM encryption and download music from YouTube videos to iTunes or other platforms with mainstream formats like MP4, MP3, WAV, FLAC, or M4A formats. Through building up the integration with YouTube Music web player, you are available to directly browse any music video in the library, and directly drag those you like to download to enjoy them permanently.

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter doesn't require you to subscribe to YouTube Premium or even log in to your account. For every user, the download functionality is ready to help you download music videos from YouTube directly!

Great Advantages TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Can Bring:

● Available to access all YouTube music videos and download them right away without a YouTube premium account;
● Mainstream formats such as MP4, MP3, WAV, M4A, and FLAC to save music videos from YouTube;
● Customized quality settings to output music videos as you desire;
● Preservation of full ID3 info to make offline music video re-ordering more convenient;
● Acceleration tech ensured 10X or even faster batch downloading speed to boost higher efficiency.

STEP 1. Download TuneFab YouTube Music Converter

Launch TuneFab YouTube Music Converter after well installing it on your desktop. On the welcome page, tap "Open the YouTube Music web player". You are able to log in to your YouTube Music account or directly use the web player to search for the music videos you desire to download.

NOTE: YouTube premium subscription is not a must to access the download function provided by TuneFab YouTube Music Converter.

Log in Account in YouTube Music Web Player

STEP 2. Add Music Videos to Download

Once accessing the music videos you desire to download in the built-in web player, simply drag them to the "+" icon and import them to the conversion queue. As TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will automatically filter the duplicated songs you have added, don't worry about downloading them for twice.

Add YouTube Music Videos to Convert and Download

STEP 3. Customize Output Settings and Open Download Video Button

Now, navigate to "Menu" > "Preferences" > "Advanced" to adjust the output parameters. You are available to select the output format to output the music videos, and also customize their quality by changing the sample rate as well as bitrate as you desire.

Output Quality Settings for YouTube Music Videos

At the same time, you should open the Download Video button in the General Settings to download video and music simultaneously.

Open Download Video Button

STEP 4. Convert Music Videos from YouTube

Finally, when all the settings are completed, give a go on the "Convert All" icon, then TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will process the batch download to save multiple YouTube music videos offline. Just wait patiently till all the downloads are completed, and you are able to access them to enjoy offline on all devices without limitations!

Batch Download Music Videos from YouTube

How to Download Music Videos from YouTube Online

Actually, instead of installing extra software like TuneFab YouTube Music Converter, if you consider a software-free way to download music videos from YouTube for free, the web-based tool, Online Video Converter is what you need. This is an open-source service, and it is able to be accessed on all devices no matter if you are using desktops or mobile phones. Only by pasting the URL of the YouTube music videos to the frame bar on the converter, and then you are available to convert and download music videos from YouTube as mainstream media files offline.

However, the tool also exist certain drawbacks, including:

● It is not compatible with YouTube music video playlist conversion efficiently;
● Only MP4 output formats are provided to download the music videos;
● The output quality may be compressed (only at up to 720p at max).

But still, the convenience of the tool is able to help you download music videos from YouTube without hassle. Here's how to use it:

STEP 1. Open a web browser and navigate to Online Video Converter.

STEP 2. Copy the URL of the YouTube music video you desire to download. Then paste it to the frame bar on the interface of the online tool.

STEP 3. Select MP4 format to download the music video. After that, click "CONVERT" to process the conversion.

How to Download Music Videos from YouTube Online

STEP 4. Once the conversion completes, hit the "Download" icon to save the converted YouTube music video offline.

Download YouTube Music Video Online Without Software

How to Download Music Videos from YouTube on the YouTube App

Although YouTube premium contains certain limitations in downloading YouTube music videos, for any of you who have subscribed to it, install the YouTube app and follow the steps below to download music videos from YouTube to your iPhone/Android now:

STEP 1. After installing the YouTube app on your iPhone/Android, launch it and log in to your account with a YouTube Premium subscription.

STEP 2. Browse the music video you desire to download.

STEP 3. Access the video, and then tap the three-dots icon. From the menu, click "Download" to download music videos from YouTube to Android/iPhone within the app and enjoy offline later.

NOTE: You are also available to find the "Download" option under the video playback window in the video page.

Download YouTube Music Videos on Mobile Within YouTube App

FAQs about Downloading Music Videos from YouTube

Have more questions about YouTube music videos downloaded? Grasp these frequently asked questions to see if they can fix your confusion.

How to Download Music Videos from YouTube to Computer?

Currently, the official download feature is only available in mobile apps. Only those music videos uploaded by yourself can be saved offline to MP4 locally on your computer while the music video uploaded by others can only be kept within the YouTube app due to DRM.

Hence, instead of seeking the official method, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is the best alternative to help you download music videos from YouTube to computer. The software performs downloading all music resources from YouTube Music web player, and the downloaded files will not be encrypted with DRM. With the software, you are able to enjoy YouTube music video playback more flexibly offline.

Why Can't I Download Music Videos from YouTube?

When you discover that the music video download feature is not available anymore on the YouTube app, check if you are running into the following situations causing the error to happen:

● You are not logged into the account with A YouTube Premium subscription;
● The premium subscription is expired;
● Your download settings are restricted to Wi-Fi download only, so the feature is disabled while using mobile data;
● Your device network connection is not stable;
● YouTube Premium is restricted to use in your countries;
● Your YouTube app is outdated and occurs some errors and bugs.

If you can locate the correct reason causing the YouTube music video download failure, you are able to fix it accurately to make it perform by downloading music videos from YouTube again.


To download music videos from YouTube, both the YouTube app with Premium and some extra tools are available to help. Among all of them, I would strongly recommend TuneFab YouTube Music Converter for its great convenience and high output quality without premium. If you are also considering a hassle-free, efficient, and high-quality way to download YouTube music videos, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter can be your ideal choice!

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