If you are using any Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., you must have to use iTunes if you want to manage the data, or playing some digital contents, such as music, videos, and audiobooks of your devices on computer. It would be better to use iTunes on Mac, but if you are Windows users, iTunes would always lag the speed your computer or get frozen all the time. No matter you are annoyed by iTunes's low speed or tired of using it, today I'd like to introduce 5 best free iTunes alternatives to you.

Best Free iTunes Alternatives 2018

#1. TuneFab WeTrans

TuneFab WeTrans

If you want an iTunes alternative which can mainly help you transfer the data between iDevices and PC, TuneFab WeTrans would be the first choice for you. This helpful program can make help you manage the data of your devices properly. It can also backup and recovery the information stored in your devices like iTunes does perfectly.

#2. Ecoute

Ecoute iTunes Alternative

Ecoute is a lightweight media player which could detect and import the contents from your iTunes Library such as videos, music, audiobooks, images, etc. for playback. Ecoute can also connect with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It would be a great choice for replacing iTunes.

#3. MusicBee

MusicBee iTunes Alternative

MusicBee is a brilliant free media player and organizer which can help you enjoy your music collection. With MusicBee, you can use auto-tagging to clean up your messy music library and enjoy a great music experience. Except for streaming service, MusicBee also has optional plugins round off this superb free music player, which makes it popular when people are choosing any iTunes alternatives.

#4. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey iTunes Alternative

MediaMoney is regarded as the near-complete replacement for iTunes. If you keep iTunes installed on your computer, you can also sync music to your iDevices such as iPhone, iPod, too. Just like MusicBee, MediaMonkey can also manage a large music library using the tagging function. Besides, the customizable and skinnable interface can make people set the media player according to their preferences. Although MediaMonkey has a Gold version which costs $59.94, but the free one is more than enough for most people.

#5. PodTrans

PodTrans iTunes Alternative

PodTrans keeps everything very minimal instead of replicating all the features of Apple’s software. PodTrans aims at making every management as quick and simple as possible, which focuses on providing an easy path for users to copy music between your computer and iPhone or iPod. If you want to transfer and manage your iTunes digital contents freely, you could try PodTrans as an iTunes alternative. Although it could not replace iTunes totally, it would help you enjoy contents more conveniently.

So have you selected one iTunes alternative from the above list? All of them are helpful and useful to alternate some features of iTunes and help you enjoy the digital contents, or managing them more effectively. These alternatives are easy to use and compatible on both Windows and Mac. You don't need to worry too much about that whether it would lag the speed or storage of your computer. Just have a try!

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