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Solved! How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription

By Iris Holmes

November 12, 2017

When you first used Apple Music, you have been ordered to subscribe as an individual, a family or a student membership for different payment after you have freely three months trials. Nevertheless, after trying to listen to Apple Music for months, you want to cancel the subscription before your free trial deadline. And you discover that you have no idea to the way out of calling it off. So here are the directions of what you want, that is to seek out the way to cancel the Apple Music subscription.

Part 1. Means of canceling your Apple music subscription

As is known to all, when you subscribe as membership to Apple Music, you have three options. The one is on your lovely iPhone, another is on your big iTunes stores in your computer, and the last way is on your Apple TV. So when you cancel the subscription does. However, this essay is going to introduce two general methods to deprive your membership of.

Thus, coming and following the two ways below, you can just take several minutes to remove your membership.

A. In the iOS system, also known as by your iPhone.

You can follow just few tap of the iOS device screen and perfectly cancel your Apple Music membership. Let me show you by taking the iPhone for example.

First in first, turn on your iPhone and move on to Settings where you can find out the column named iTunes Store and App Store. Try to find out the button of Apple ID with your Email address, and tap it. At this time, you can see that the first line is that View Apple ID. Now, you merely need your thumb for iTouch ID or just enter your password and then you can turn to the next step. Don't worry, you can see the screenshot for better and direct manipulation.

View Apple ID on Your iPhone

Secondly, after viewing your Apple ID, you will enter the Account Settings page, and then drag the page to Subscriptions column where you will catch sight of a page entitled with Apple Music Membership. The screenshot below will show the page. At this moment you can tab the Cancel Subscription and cancel the subscription. Yes, you made it! You may be excited that you eventually find out you can cancel the subscription, isn't it?

Cancel Apple Music Subscriptions on iPhone

B. If you are the user of iTunes Stores, you won't be afraid of it.

Let me show you the way you can call the subscription off in your iTunes Store in Mac. It just takes you a few minutes and saves your valuable times.

Firstly, you are sure to turn on your iTunes stores in your Mac where you can see the whole iTunes Stores Library. After that, you can glimpse the Account section and further click the option View My Account. At the same time, you will turn to a new page and drag this page to the bottom where you can see the Settings.  And you can see the last line of the bottom Subscriptions, which you can manage all your have subscribed project by your Apple ID. Click the Manage. You will shift to a new page, entitled with Edit Subscription, and the last and lovely line of the bottom is Cancel Subscription. Alright, you succeed in canceling your Apple music subscription. Here is the screenshot which is available for your operation.

Cancel Apple Music Subscriptions on Mac

Cancel Subscription on iTunes Store

Part 2. Urgent! A new problem occurred.

Well, you have succeeded in canceling your Apple Music Subscription, after that you run into a serious problem. That is how can I still listen to all the Music when I canceled my Apple Music Subscription? Thanks to the advanced technology, you can free from such an awkward problem. Here is a simple and efficient tool which you can easy to keep and listen to all your Apple Music Songs all the way.That is the TuneFab Apple Music Converter. You can try this amazing tool down here.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter Main Screenshot

Part 3. Why recommend it?

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With such kinds of easy-to-use tool, no matter when you canceled your Apple Music Subscription, you can maintain all the Apple Music at freedom. Not only can you backup all the Apple Music Songs, but also you can burn all of them into CDs to have further enjoying your music, making you become your music' master. You can watch the Movies for further understanding this simple and easy tools.

Is its appeal to you? Come and have free trials. I bet you will enjoy this lovely software.

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