GarageBand surely provides simple music recordings for both beginners and expert musicians. Things can get even better if you can import your favorite songs from Apple Music to GarageBand to do some mixes for fun. But how to import a song from Apple Music to GarageBand? Below we will explore how to add Apple Music to GarageBand on Mac/iPhone/iPad. Without further ado, let's read on to learn how to do it!


Can You Add Apple Music Songs to GarageBand Directly?

The simple answer to this is: No. Directly importing media from Apple Music to GarageBand is not possible. Due to DRM restrictions, Apple Music is encrypted in M4P (protected AAC) file format. However, GarageBand only supports AIFF, CAF, WAV, AAC (except protected AAC files), Apple Lossless, and MP3. Therefore, the downloaded Apple Music can not be imported directly to GarageBand.

If you want to add Apple Music to GarageBand, you can purchase the songs from iTunes. But it may cost you a large expenditure in this case. Yet, you can take advantage of Apple Music Converter by converting Apple Music into DRM-free MP3. Then you could freely add those songs to GarageBand.

How to Convert and Download Apple Music as DRM-free MP3

Then how to convert music from Apple Music, and more importantly, how to add Apple Music to GarageBand for later use? For this, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is designed to both convert and download Apple Music as DRM-free MP3 files. It can easily convert and download all your Apple Music media into MP3 and other file formats. This software does much more than just remove DRM from Apple Music, some of its features are:

Main Features of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

● Retains original audio quality
● Preserves original ID3 tags & metadata information
● 5X faster speeds for conversion
● Support for all common formats including FLAC, M4A, WAV, MP3
● Cross platforms support: Windows 7/8/10/11 and macOS X 10.11 or above
● Supports music output to be used with other apps, including GarageBand

Using this software is super easy. Follow the below steps to learn how to convert and download Apple Music as DRM-free MP3:

Step 1. Install and launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter. After that, you will get a welcome screen on the first launch. Press the red button to launch the Apple web player.

Welcome Screen of TuneFab

Step 2. Once opened, click the sign-in button to log in to your Apple ID in the web player. This will access your playlists in your account.

page of Web Player on TuneFab

Step 3. Next, go to settings > preferences. Select your desired output preferences and the location for these files. Once done, click Save.

Preference Page of TuneFab

Step 4. Select any playlist or album. Drag it to the red + icon. You can choose either one or all of them to convert.

Drag Apple Music for Conversion

Step 5. Once you are done selecting, click Convert All. After conversion, click the Finished icon to locate the converted media on your computer.

Note: you can also change output preferences in this menu for each file added to the queue. Make sure to select an output location with enough storage to accommodate your converted media files.

Convert Apple Music

How to Add Apple Music to GarageBand on Mac/iPhone/iPad

Up to now, you already have your unprotected Apple Music track files downloaded and converted into your desired formats on your local device. But how to add music from Apple Music to Garageband on Mac and smart devices like iPhones and iPads? Well, it is rather easy to do. The detailed instructions for transferring Apple Music to GarageBand are provided below:

How to Add Apple Music to GarageBand on Mac

Step 1. From the main interface of GarageBand, head over to the File>icloud>Import GarageBand for iOS Song and browse to the location where your converted unprotected Apple Music files are saved.

Step 2. Once the import is complete, you are all set to edit Apple Music tracks in GarageBand.

Add Apple Music to Garageband

How to Add Apple Music to GarageBand on iPhone/iPad

Adding the converted Apple Music media to GarageBand’s mobile version of apps on iPhone and iPad is also very easy. You can transfer all the files to iOS devices via iTunes, and then add Apple Music to GarageBand.

Step 1. To import the files, head to the Menu >Files>Add to Library to add the files in iTunes. Once done, turn on iCloud Sync to access these files on your other devices.

Step 2. Launch GarageBand on your iPad or iPhone, and then click the Loop Browser > Music to add converted media files from Apple Music.


All things considered, it's impossible to directly add Apple Music to GarageBand due to DRM. But with the help of Apple Music Converter, you can effortlessly turn the music files into DRM-free formats.TuneFab Apple Music Converter should be your go-to choice when it comes to accessing Apple Music media files without any restrictions. Not only do you get the freedom to convert and listen to songs restricted under DRM, but you also get to use them in other software, including GarageBand. Unlock the freedom of music with the TuneFab Apple Music converter!


Can you use Apple Music in GarageBand?

Yes. Though Apple Music Tracks are DRM protected and the format is not supported by GarageBand, they can be converted to DRM-free MP3 via Apple Music Converter like TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Then you can import the songs into GarageBand freely.

How to add GarageBand songs to Apple Music?

To add GarageBand songs to Apple Music:
1. Launch GarageBand and switch to My Song view.
2. Select the song you want to share, and click Share > Share the music.
3. You can edit the length you would like to share, and then click Share to confirm your choice.
4. The song then will automatically appear on the Music app.

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