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How to Convert iTunes M4P to M4A (Wihtout DRM)

By Patrick Dyer

June 22, 2018

"I have about 1000 songs in my iTunes library that are formatted as .m4p, I want to convert M4P to M4A. What procedures/tools are available to accomplish this process?"

Looks like you are having trouble in converting protected M4P to M4A. Actually, it's quite easy to start the conversion as long as you get the right iTunes M4P converter.

So, if you want to convert DRM-ed M4P to unprotected M4A easily, you'd better get help from a professional iTunes M4P to M4A converter, like TuneFab Apple Music Converter. This tutorial will list two methods for you to convert iTunes M4P to M4A. For time-saving and easy-to-handle solution, please head to Part 1 directly. You can finish conversion with original quality kept within minutes.


Part 1. How to Convert DRM-Protected M4P to M4A

TuneFab Apple Music Converter support multiples input and output audio formats, such as M4P, AAX, AA, M4A, MP3, FLAC, AC3, M4R, MKA, AIFF, etc. So, you can use it as different kinds of converters, such as M4P to M4A converter, M4P to MP3 converter, AAX to MP3 converter, M4P to M4B converter and more. It supports 1X to 16X faster conversion speed and it can allows you to select output audio parameters like bit rate, sample rate, etc. So you can easily convert M4P to M4A with the same original quality. It’s free to download and install. You can download the software and try it free now!

• Support converting Apple Music M4P, iTunes M4P songs, Audible/iTunes audiobooks

• Set multiple output formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC, AU, AIFF, etc.

• Save ID3 tags like album cover art, artist name, song title, genre, etc.

• 16X faster conversion speed.

Follow the steps below to convert M4P songs to M4A.

Step 1. Launch M4P to M4A Converter

At first, you need to open TuneFab Apple Music Converter on the computer, iTunes will be opened at the same time. When iTunes has been launched successfully, you will see all iTunes playlsits show up in the main interface of the program. click the "Music" on the left panel and choose the M4P songs you want to convert by ticking the checkbox. Or you can use the Search box to locate the songs wanted directly.

Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Set M4A as the Output Format

Go to "Output" > "Output Format" and select M4A as the output audio format. Beside M4A, you can choose formats like MP3, FLAC, etc.

Set M4A as Format

Step 3. Select Conversion Speed

This M4P to MP3 converter allows you to select conversion speed. You can adjust the conversion speed by click on "Options" and you will see the advanced setting tab which allows you to reset conversion speed.

Step 4. Start M4P to M4A Conversion

When you are all set, click on the "Convert" button to start converting M4P to M4A. When the conversion finished, you can find the M4A files in your output folder and transfer it to the device you want.

Convert Apple Music to M4A

Watch Video Guide

Convert M4P to M4A with TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Part 2. How to Download M4P to M4A via iTunes Match

If you have bought DRM-protected music from iTunes Store previously, you might be able to download DRM-free version of your songs with an iTunes Match subscription. iTunes Match is an annual subscription music service provided by Apple since 2011. When you get a subscription and sign in, iTunes Match will scan your iTunes music library. Once this process is done, your music is available in the cloud and can be accessed from your Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via iTunes Match – Internet connection required.

Since all the music in Match is DRM free, you can replace the DRM protected M4P files (Only old M4P) with standard M4A. See how to work on this project.

Step 1. Get the subscription and sign in.

Step 2. Delete the original DRM song from your library first. Doing this enables you to download the song again in M4A format from iTunes in the Cloud.

Step 3. Click the Purchased tab in the iTunes Store.

Step 4. Click Music.

Step 5. Locate the artist of the song you want to upgrade.

Step 6. Click the iCloud Download icon next to the song you want to upgrade.

Part 3. Comparison: M4P vs M4A

Both M4P and M4A are used for Apple iTunes audio files that are encoded by Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). M4P is a DRM-protected file format created by Apple Inc. All songs downloaded from Apple Music subscription or old songs purchased from iTunes Store before April 2009 are in M4P format. Therefore, they cannot be transferred or copied to other non-authorized PC or portable players easily. M4A, however, is an audio extension for unprotected AAC file. Currently the songs you purchased and downloaded from iTunes Store are in M4A format.

Editor's Choice

All songs you downloaded from Apple Music will always be saved as protected M4P files. And if you want to get unprotected copies of all your Apple Music songs, using TuneFab Apple Music Converter is highly suggested. It’s easy to handle, and the conversion is simple, too. After converting M4P to M4A, or MP3, you can transfer the songs to any platform, any player or any device you want.

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