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How to Play Protected AAX Audiobooks on Android Device

By Iris Holmes

January 02, 2018

Audiobooks make our dry and dull life become bright and wonderful and have become a chic among the folk. If you are the audiobooks' aficionados, you definitely hear about the AAX audiobooks, the format of Audible audiobooks which is valid in both iTunes Store and However, if you are the Android users, it might be difficult for you to play the AAX audiobooks on Android devices for these audiobooks format is not supported on transferring. In the face of this boresome question, you can get some ideas from this handy knacks of playing protected AAX audiobooks to Android.


Different ways for different users to play AAX audiobooks on Android devices. I hereby provide 2 kinds of methods to make you play protected AAX audiobooks on Android devices. Now come and learn it well.

Skill 1. For Users with iTunes

Users who using iTunes can be little easier to play iTunes or Audible audiobooks on Android devices. As we know that no matter iTunes or Audible audiobooks are both under protected by DRM, the way we can let them play on Android devices is trying to cut the DRM off from the protected AAX format. In order to break DRM efficiently, all you desire to have a tool to realize it, TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is used for killing the DRM from protected iTunes and Audible audiobooks by converting it into MP3 or other formats. You just need to wait for several minutes to wait for the batches conversion speed finished. And then you can transfer to Android devices. Here is the step-by-step guidance you can look through.

Guidance: How to Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3

After converting your Audible audiobooks, you may wonder how I can play it on my Android devices. Here is also procedure you can follow.

Procedure: Transfer Music from PC to Android via Moborobo

After transferring, you can easy to play Audible audiobooks on Android device. That is all the user with iTunes can do when longing for playing iTunes and Audible audiobooks on Android devices. But for those who listen to Audible audiobooks without iTunes, there are still ways to go. Thus, let's move on to next part.

Skill 2. For Users without iTunes

If you are users who listening to Audible audiobooks without iTunes on Android devices, don't be impatient and try the following ways. As stated above, the aim to break the DRM from the audiobooks is to keep it for further listening to your audiobooks on your Android devices. And thus, here is a tool which can assist you with keeping your audiobooks by recording your Audiobooks, TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorderis aimed at recording your Audiobooks by converting into MP3 format. You can play the audiobooks and record it simultaneously. Here is the instruction to record it.

Step 1. Turn on your Audible audiobooks library and the software

Step 2. Click Audio Recorder to get ready for recording

Go to the software interface and find out the "Audio Recorder" button and then it will shift to the interface of Recording Audio.

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 3. Click the "REC" button

After getting ready for recording, turn to your Audiobooks apps and turn it on and back to click the "REC" button to record your protected AAX audiobooks

Note: You can also select your output files format by click on "Preferences" option

Select Output Format in Settings

Step 4. Transfer them to your Android devices

You can follow the former procedure parts to transfer your Android devices and play it.

Procedure: Transfer Music from PC to Android via Moborobo

Aha, is it magic? You can play your Audiobooks on what kinds of the device now. You can listen to it without any limitation. Don't hesitate and apply these two ways to listen to your non-DRM protected audiobooks! If you still have any problem, please let us know by writing a comment in below.

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