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Best 2 Ways to Transfer Apple Music Playlist to Spotify for Free

By Catrina Jones

May 31, 2019

Thinking about canceling your Apple Music subscription and switch to Spotify? If so, you might need to transfer your Apple Music playlists to Spotify otherwise you'll have to manually build up your beloved playlists again in your new streaming service.

In this article, I will show you 2 free ways to automatically move Apple Music playlist to Spotify.

1. TunemyMusic: Free Online Tool to Transfer Apple Music Playlist to Spotify

TunemyMusic is a 100% free online service. With it, you can transfer as many playlists as you like between different music streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, etc. with your web browser.

It is a web-based tool that can be accessed by multiple platforms including iOS device, Android phone or PC, so you can move playlists between various music services whenever you like as long as you can get access to its official website.

Here're the steps to copy Apple Music playlist to Spotify with TunemyMusic:

Step 1. Go to TunemyMusic web page on your phone or computer.

Step 2. Click "Let's Start", and then select "Apple Music" as the source music platform.

Choose Apple Music as Source

Step 3. You will be asked to "Login to your Apple Music account" or you can choose "Import from iTunes" to add the playlists you want to switch over. If you are using mobile device, it's better to choose the first option.

Step 4. After you log in with your Apple ID, you will get access to all your Apple Music playlist in TunemyMusic. Select the playlist you want to transfer by ticking the checkbox.

Select Apple Music Playlist in TunemyMusic

Step 5. Click "Select Destination" and choose "Spotify". You will be asked to log into your Spotify account.

Select Spotify as Destination in TunemyMusic

Step 6. Now, click "Start Moving My Music" to transfer Apple Music playlist to Spotify.

Step 7. It won't take long to finish the transferring process. When it says, "CONVERSION COMPLETED", you will be able to see your Apple Music songs on Spotify.

Transfer Apple Music to Spotify in TunemyMusic

2. SongShift: A Free App for Moving Apple Music Playlist to Spotify

SongShift is an iOS app that is capable of transferring playlist from Apple Music to Spotify or vice versa. It also supports other music streaming platforms, such as Deezer, Amazon, Tidal and so on. But this app is not available for Android so far.

SongShift has both Free and Pro version. With the free version, you are only allowed to transfer up to 100 songs, and you will be getting occasional ads. If you want to enjoy advanced feature, like to remove ads, select multiple playlists or merge playlists, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

How to switch playlist between Apple Music and Spotify with SongShift:

Step 1. Connect Apple Music and Spotify in SongShift

Install and run SongShift on your iPhone. Click "Connect Your Music" and choose Apple Music and Spotify in the "Available Services" section

Connect Apple Music and Spotify in SongShift

Choose "Apple Music" and click "Connect". Then click "Authorize" to allow SongShift access to your Apple Music library.

Choose "Spotify" and click "Connect". Then log into Spotify account with your email and password.

Authorize Apple Music and Spotify in TunemyMusic

Step 2. Set Apple Music as Source Library

Click "Setup Source" button and select Apple Music icon. You can choose different media type including album, playlist or song.

If you are using Free version, you can transfer one item at a time. Pick one song/album/playlist, and tap "Select".

Select Apple Music Playlist in SongShift

Step 3. Choose Spotify as Destination Library

Click "Setup Destination" and then select "Spotify". You can save the transferred item in existing playlist, new playlist or user library. Select the destination type as you like.

Select Spotify as Destination in SongShift

Click "I'm Finished" and you will see the "Ready for Review" interface. Tap at the song you are ready to transfer, and you will be directed to the "Match Review".

Ready for Review

Check if the songs are matching correctly, if so, tap "Confirm Matches" and the song will be transferred to Spotify immediately.

Transfer Apple Music to Sotify in SongShift

Now you can go to Spotify app and enjoy the transferred songs.

As you can see, it's easy to transfer Apple Music playlist to Spotify with the above two methods. And it works the same for moving Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

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