When there are a variety of Apple Music Converters launched on the market, claiming the great function available to help convert Apple Music to MP3 and download the tracks for offline streaming. You have heard about HitPaw Apple Music Converter and feel curious about it as well.

So in this review, we will analyze several aspects to help you grasp deeper of this software. After reading, you will be much clearer about how it performs to help download Apple Music tracks.

NOTE: Remember that this tool only supports you processing Apple Music conversion on Windows. If you want to convert Apple Music to MP3 on Mac, you can scroll down to Part 4 to get TuneFab Apple Music Converter as an alternative.


HitPaw Apple Music Converter: Hands-on Experience

Through our detailed testing on HitPaw Apple Music Converter, we are going to conclude the features and performance of the software mainly from 3 aspects that most of you would care about, including the conversion efficiency, output quality, and its customized format settings.

Ease of Use and Conversion Efficiency

The interface of HitPaw Apple Music Converter is simple and clear, making the functionality easy to grasp. It would work to connect with iTunes and sync with the library for loading all playlists you have created, then realizes the music conversion for you. Hence, it means that you are required to pre-install iTunes and authorize the login to make sure that HitPaw Apple Music Converter can detect and load full playlists saved in the library in advance.

However, we discover that the performance efficiency is not advertised as how HitPaw claims on its product page. After loading iTunes and selecting the Apple Music tracks to convert, it has to wait for 1X or 2X longer than the song duration to analyze before processing the conversion. The whole process would cost much time, which is not "120X faster" as it says at all.

Connect with iTunes to Load iTunes Library

Sound Quality

As for the output quality, HitPaw Apple Music Converter provides the option "Same as source" for you to select outputting the converted Apple Music songs with the best quality as it can provide. We have tested tens of songs and compared the quality with the original condition as we listen on iTunes - the streaming quality is good, but as we listen more carefully, it is still a bit compressed, which can not actually says "without quality loss".

Output Format

A highlight of HitPaw Apple Music Converter should be its rich preset profiles. Once it completes analyzing the tracks, you are Abel to select output formats and quality with a variety of options provided. Compared with many other Apple Music Converters, this is actually a strength of HitPaw, as you are able to increase the compatibility of the outputted songs to transfer them on all devices without limitations.

Supported Formats to Convert Apple Music

Is HitPaw Apple Music Converter Free?

Before getting started with HitPaw Apple Music Converter, you also need to be noted that this software is not free at all. You are allowed to slightly try its functionality with only one free chance to convert Apple Music track only for 1/3 duration. In other words, you are only able to try now the software perform to load iTunes library, convert the song, and how's the output quality actually.

Free Trial Limitations of HitPaw Apple Music Converter

Our Verdict on HitPaw Apple Music Converter Review

To draw a conclusion, HitPaw Apple Music Converter provides the Apple Music conversion feature within its video converter on Windows. Hence, compared with other software with professional functionality for Apple Music download, it does have certain weaknesses leading to unpleasant experiences. According to some user reviews, we have concluded both pros and cons of the software here for you:


● More output formats provided to select outputting the converted Apple Music tracks;
● Easy-to-grasp interface and user-friendly for beginners;
● Batch conversion supported;
● Built-in editing tools provided.


● Very slow speed to process the music analysis and conversion;
● iTunes library loading would fail sometimes;
● Unavailable to get a refund once purchased;
● Many editing tools provided are not actually work to help;
● Very slow customer support;
● There's no Apple Music conversion function for macOS.

Alternative to HitPaw Apple Music Converter

Hence, for many of you who would desire a professional Apple Music Converter to process the DRM removal and Apple Music conversion with better efficiency and preserve the converted songs in original quality, instead of choosing HitPaw Apple Music Converter (which only provides such function within a video converter), TuneFab Apple Music Converter, which is absolutely designed for stripping streaming Apple Music DRM, would be a better choice for you.

Unlike HitPaw, TuneFab Apple Music Converter has integrated with the official Apple Music web player, without iTunes installation required at all. After logging in the built-in player, you can directly drag the albums or singles to download right away, which greatly improves the stability as you don't need to worry about iTunes library syncing failure at all.

Also, this helps TuneFab Apple Music Converter to speed up the conversion. According to a large amount of tests, its general speed can reach 20X faster than the music's duration. Meanwhile, as the batch conversion feature is equipped, you are able to process multiple conversion simultaneously and save much time.

Features of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

● Embedded Apple Music web player for stabler and more efficient Apple Music download;
● One-click to add a playlist to the conversion queue;
● Mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC provided;
● Up to 320kbps and 48kHZ quality to output the converted songs at lossless quality;
● Preset output file name with ID3 tags (title, singer, album, etc.) for easy management;
● Automatically archive downloads into folders organized by artist or album as desired.

Now, this brief guide will also lead you to view how simple it would be to convert Apple Music via TuneFab Apple Music Converter:

STEP 1. Once launching TuneFab Apple Music Converter, hit the "Open the Apple web player" from the welcome page to enter the official Apple Music web player to complete the login.

Sign in to Apple Music Web Player

STEP 2. Then, you are able to directly search for the tracks or albums you desire to download offline. Click the "Add to the conversion list" button or simply drag and drop them to the floating conversion queue.

NOTE: TuneFab Apple Music Converter will automatically filter the duplicated tracks if you add them for twice by accident.

Drag Apple Music to Convert

STEP 3. Now, move to the upper-right "Convert all files to" and select an output format for all songs. You are also possible to define for each of them using the format selection menu after each title.

Select Apple Music Output Format

(Optional) STEP 4. You can also customize both sample rate and bitrate as you need. The best options are provided as 48kHZ and 320kbps. They make sure the lossless quality to output converted Apple Music tracks.

Set Up Advanced Parameters

STEP 5. When all settings are done, now just hit the "Convert All" icon and start converting Apple Music to the format you have selected. TuneFab Apple Music Converter only takes a short period to complete the conversion, so just wait for its complete patiently!

Convert Apple Music to MP3


HitPaw Apple Music Converter does have its advantages in offering the music download service for Apple Music users. But when it is compared with other professional software such as TuneFab Apple Music Converter, the obvious weaknesses also appear. Hence, if you consider a multi-functional video convert with inefficient Apple Music convert feature contained, HitPaw surely meets your demand. But for more professional Apple Music downloads, TuneFab Apple Music Converter will be a more ideal choice.

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