"I have a weird and annoying problem with my Apple Music on my iPhone. No matter how I tap the songs add to My Library, the songs aren't displayed on my playlist and just display a check mark on the screen. I have already turned on iCloud Music Library. Also, I do it in another way by setting the playlists on my Mac, the problem is still going on. Is there a solution helping me out?"

The user who uses Apple Music may frequently happen to this uninviting problem and are weary for ways to settle it down. Here comes the good news. You can overcome the following ways.

Tutorial: The Traditional Way to Syncing your Apple Music

Users can solve this problem with the traditional way to sync the Apple Music like we used to before. All the following instruction are based on Mac.

Step 1. Turn off your iCloud Music Library and Connect to PC

You should turn off the iCloud Music Library without connecting to the computer and after turning off, you can connect to Mac.

Note: If it doesn't work, holding on your shift knob and swift to power off and operate the same as above.

Step 2. Launching the iTunes

After connecting to Mac, you can click the iTunes to launching your iTunes for getting prepared for syncing your songs.

Step 3. Select Your Device

When turning on your iTunes, you can observe all your iTunes Music Library. Click the TOP RIGHT BUTTON with an image of Music to select your Device.

Step 4. Click the Music and Sync

After selecting your Device, click the left column of Music and then you can catch sight of the check button with Sync Music.

Step 5. Select Your Playlists and Apply It Now

After checking the Sync Music, you can select what you want to sync. After selecting, you can click the below button Apply and sync it.

Step 6. Checking Your Music

After syncing, disconnecting your device with your Mac and checking your Playlist. If there is no other problem, you can turn on your iCloud Music Library and pay heed to merge your music rather than replace.

If the problem still exists, you can use an Apple Music downloader like TuneFab Apple Music Converter to download all Apple Music to DRM free MP3/M4A files. After that, you can easily transfer the Apple Music songs to any device you like. You can transfer the songs via a USB cable, USB drive or via iTunes.

Now you can listen to Your Apple Music after syncing it! If you have another problem, please let me know about it.

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