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TuneFab Apple Music Converter (Windows) Apple Music Converter

Media Reviews

This software is able to unlock DRM protection that Apple uses to limit access to the content and then convert the protected music to other audio formats and download it in order to freely listen to on other devices.  Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter can easily remove DRM from Apple Music and convert songs into other common formats. After conversion, you can play Apple Music on other non-Apple devices without limitations. Read More>>

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Apple refrains its users from sharing files to other platforms. It's not that easy to transfer songs and play it in other devices until you seek out for third application solution. TuneFab can be considered as that third-party solution to transfer files to any other platforms from iOS devices. Read More>>



As for various kind of Apple Music Converters are available on the Internet, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the professional, maneuverable and powerful Apple Music DRM Removal, which offers the downloading function and converting function for your Apple Music. Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter has an intuitive interface and you can clearly know where to click to have your Apple music converted. Moreover, you don’t need to manually add the songs into the software one by one. Read More>>

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TuneFab Apple Music Converter, the special designed program, is able to give you full control over songs purchased via Apple Music or iTunes Store and play them on non-Apple devices or any media players by converting M4P music files to MP3/AAC/WAV formats. Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter is definitely an interesting piece of software. It can break iTunes and Apple Music restrictions and let you play your audio files on pretty much every device. On top of that, it comes with a selection of conversion profiles that make the entire process as simple as possible. Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter has a simple and intuitive user interface, making the software well thought out and well executed. It is in a professional capacity on the job to convert Apple Music to 300+ formats, such as MP3, M4A, etc. without losing sound quality. Read More>>



Want to keep enjoying Apple Music with more freedom? TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a good choice for you. It has been designed for removing DRM from Apple Music, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks easily. It supports multiple audio formats and it allows you to customize output settings. Read More>>



Apple Music Converter can convert the DRM protected Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks to MP3, AC3, AIFF and FLAC formats. After that, users can enjoy their music on any phone or device with no restriction. Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter has a simple and clear interface so that users could learn to handle the application in a rather short time. After conversion, users can enjoy Apple Music songs with lossless quality, even if they cancel the Apple Music Membership subscription. Read More>>

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It is a tool that gives you full control over the music that you've purchased from Apple Music or iTunes to extract the DRM and download it in MP3, AC3 or FLAC format. Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter would be a really great choice to break DRM obstacle to free Apple Music. It can help you perfectly remove DRM and convert any of the songs in your iTunes library, like Apple Music songs, audiobooks and M4P music to plain MP3, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, etc. Read More>>



TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a software program that allows you convert the format of your Apple music and remove DRM so that you can play and enjoy those music files on any device freely without any restrictions. I am sure you would love to check out this excellent tool and buy it soon for you use. Read More>>



It is a professional conversion expert that comes with a series of amazing features. It is able to remove DRM protection from Apple Music playlists and convert M4P songs to more compatible MP3, so you can fully control the tracks. Read More>>



Effortlessly converts your Apple files to a format that is accessible on any device with no infuriating restrictions. Suitable for any type of computer user. One off purchase fee with lifetime regular updates. Read More>>



Happy Users

by Beatrice


Thank you TuneFab

Using TuneFab Apple Music Converter for a long time, it is stable and available. And what's more, it keeps updating in keeping with the updated iTunes. Besides, when I using TuneFab, I found out that TuneFab is the only software that can allow you to adjust the sound of converted music. Sometimes, I can adjust the sound in line with different situations. I love TuneFab. Thank you TuneFab.

by Victor


It can convert batches of songs at a time

Tried it and bought it. I have used TuneFab Apple Music Converter for quite some time and I have successfully converted 300+ songs to DRM-free M4A files. It works find for me. I do wish that it would convert Amazon music in the future.

by Robert



I think this tool is super cool! I noticed TuneFab Apple Music Converter from one of the treads in It’s about how to remove DRM from iTunes purchased AAC files. After reading all the methods given by others, I think using TuneFab might be the simplest way to get an unprotected version of all my 500 songs. I download the free trial and it works fine. So, I bought it and I think it’s worth paying $39.95!

by Julie


Fast and simple conversion

I have an old computer and I am surprised that TuneFab Apple Music Converter works extremely well on it. So far so good. The UI is simple, and you will know how to use it once you launch the software. I save the converted Apple Music as M4A format and the music quality is extremely awesome. Love TuneFab so much!

by Alice


Great Product!

Just want to thank you for your great product. It's very easy to use, a little patience is helpful when it's working. And once in a while it needs a little bit of help finding the iTunes music files. But I found easy solution for that and the software just goes back to work. I'm writing my entire music library to an SD card because my new Tesla does not work with my old iPod Classic. I'm converting a lot of files. Again, thank you very very much for this software and its affordable cost.

by Peter


Impressive and useful!

I got a little trouble on transferring the protected iTunes to my old iPod. And I found Tunefab Apple Music Converter, trouble solved immediately! It does exactly what it advertised…

by Sany Dimitrios



I love this app except for not showing the album cover for m4p songs. I that is added it will be perfect. Please update.

by Sany Dimitrios



Just purchased this amazing software and hopefully it will receive update as time goes by.One problem thought that needs to be fixed please! It doesn't show or output the album cover!

by Christine


help please

When I first downloaded Tunefab it converted my music so quickly, now when I try it goes slow and I don't know why. Is there anyway that I can make it go faster?

by Adriano


Extremely Useful!

I want to extract audio from an iTunes movie but it's protected by DRM. Finally I found TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It works well on my Mac and helps me convert the iTunes movies to MP3 successfully.

by Andrew Stanton


Finally a converter that works! Just love it

The most powerful DRM removal I've ever used. Friendly interface, quick conversion speed and high output quality. Plus, it can preserve the full ID3 tags and metadata information. Well, I like it!!!

by Allen Andrei


Lucky to have it. Thanks guys!

GREAT software. Really light and easy to use!

by Chloe jones


More than excellent

I love this program! It's everything I needed. TuneFab Apple Music Converter helps me convert all the iTunes protected music to MP3 format.

by Milan Vies


Works great and very user-friendly. THANKS!

I used this program for adding Apple Music to my wedding video. It is easy to use, straight forward and does exactly what it should. Great Apple Music Converter!

by Bryan Addison


It does the job!!!

I would like to say it is nice to get TuneFab Apple Music Converter on my Mac. My work is related to video post-production. So I often need to discover interesting music and then set them as the background music. I can convert Apple Music to MP3 compatible with Sony Vegas for editing directly. Thanks.

by Wesley W.


Best Apple Music Converter I've ever had

Nice Program. The audio quality it generates is really good so I purchased this TuneFab Apple Music Converter immediately for that reason.

by Kris Carlon


Simply does what it claims in a straight forward way

Really happy that such a great tool is available now. Since I downloaded this program, I can transfer any Audible audiobooks to my Sony Walkman for listening.

by Alex Denis



Just installed it and converted my Apple Music with it today. Really like the features it offers. I really want to save the Apple Music tracks after canceling the subscription. Now I can keep them forever!!!

by Lee Lawson


I am a big fan of TuneFab Apple Music Coverter!

Works fine, converted an .m4p files to .mp3 format without any problems and it only takes half a minutes to do it. Unbelievable!

by Troy Taylor


So far so good

I want to say this program is wonderful for removing DRM protection. I converted an entire albums of Taylor Swift quickly!!! Now I will start another conversion.

by Mikey Tate


Great for converting Audible to MP3

Very cool program ... And more what I like that it can convert Audible audiobooks to mp3... You know Audible's DRM is really annoying because I often need to listen to them on my MP3 player.

by Harvey Wood


Just What I Needed

Indeed, it is a good software. I can keep all the ID tags after conversion while other program often lost the original ID3 tags.

by Ralf L.


Quick, Easy and Stable

Very good to convert Apple Music to MP3 format.

by Martin Loother


Extremely easy to use…and it works!

I recently purchased this program and found it is really practical. Love it…It allows me to convert Apple Music to a format to use on my video editor. I can use any latest Apple Music songs for my video creation now.

by Stan Wilton


Really worth a try

Great program, you can remove DRM from any protected iTunes music with this Apple Music Converter. It's really worth a try. I can listen to Apple Music on my game console while I am playing game.

by Richardu


Super useful and I love it!

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a useful and compatible tool for everyone. I didn't meet any difficulty while working with this program. I have downloaded many Apple Music tracks but these music files can't be sync to my iPod. After I used this program to convert these Apple Music to MP3, I can sync them to iPod successfully now.

by Susan Roy


Great Software! Highly Recommended!

If you're looking for an audio converter to convert protected Apple Music, then I highly recommend TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

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