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-Q1. What're the limitations of a free trial version?

The trial version of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter only allows you to convert 3 minutes of each audio file. When the 30-day free trial period ends, you will need to purchase a subscription to continue using this program.

+Q2. How to activate TuneFab Amazon Music Converter?

Launch the software and a free-trial window will pop up, enter your Email Address and License Key into the appropriate boxes, then click "Activate" to complete the activation.

+Q3. How long does it take to receive my license key?

After placing an order, the license key will be sent to you by email within 30 minutes. If you have not received the license key in 24 hours, please contact TuneFab Support team to get help.

+Q4. I lost my license key somehow. How can I get it back?

To get back your license key, you can submit a request on this page . Once our support team receive your email, we will re-send the license key to your required email address.

+Q5. The license key I entered is invalid. Why?

Make sure you have purchased the correct version of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter. For example, Mac users should buy the Mac version instead of the Windows one. If you buy the wrong version by mistake, please contact TuneFab Support team ASAP to get the correct license key.

+Q6. Can I transfer my license to a different computer?

Yes, you can transfer your license to a new computer and it’s 100% free. But to that, you need to contact TuneFab Support Team and provide your valid order info, we will disable the license on the old computer and reset it for activation on a new computer.

+Q7. Can I use the software on two or more computers with the same license code?

If you purchase the single-user license, then you can only activate and use the software on one computer. If you buy a family license, you can activate and use the software on 2-5 computers with the same license key.

+Q8. Can I change, or cancel my subscription at any time?

It depends. But we offer a money-back guarantee. For a monthly plan, you can get a refund if you cancel within 5 days of receipt. Just follow the instructions in the invoice email you received and our customer support team will reach out to you.

+Q9. How many songs can I add to the conversion list each time?

Normally, if you select a playlist to convert, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter can automatically recognize all the songs in the playlist and provide you with download options. According to our test, the converter supports adding various different playlists and automatically detects and avoids adding a duplicate song.

+Q10. Does the conversion process affect sound quality?

No, the sound quality won't be affected during the conversion process. However, if you meet with any trouble such as no sound in the resultant audio or buzzing sound in the audio, please contact us directly and summit a ticket here.

+Q11. What are the best audio output settings for conversion?

The supported output formats include MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. And for Amazon Music Free users and Amazon Music Prime users, we suggest you to set the output formats as MP3, with 256Kbps at 44.1 kHz which helps balance between file size and music quality.

+Q12. Can I pause the audio conversion during the process?

No. To ensure you get the best result, the music converter doesn't provide the option to pause the conversion process. And if you meet with any issue related to audio conversion, such as a slow conversion or the program freezes, please contact our support team directly.

+Q13. Can I tweak the conversion speed?

No. Currently, the program cannot support changing the audio conversion speed. The maximum conversion speed can reach up to 5X faster. And according to our test, converting a 4 minute song will only take around 30 seconds. Basically, the speed is closely related to your network condition. The faster the internet speed, the quicker the process.

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