TuneFab Deezer Music Converter Deezer Music Converter

-Q1. Does the free trial version have limitations?

Unfortunately yes. You are only allowed to download the first 3 minutes of each Deezer song under the free trial period, which only offers for 30 days.

+Q2. How to activate TuneFab Deezer Music Converter?

After purchasing the license key from TuneFab's official website, you will receive an email with the code attached. Then launch the software and enter both your email and the license key to the registration window. The software can be activated successfully.

+Q3. When will I receive my license code after making the purchase?

Normally, the license code will be sent within 30 minutes. But if you fail to receive it within 24 hours, you need to contact the support team to get help.

+Q4. Why it tells me the license key is not valid?

Please make sure:

1. You are entering the correct info while activating the software (both your email address and the license key should be corrected and available to match).

2. You are not using a Windows license on Mac computer (the codes can't be used on different platforms).

If you have double checked but the license key still fails to work, contact TuneFab support team and they will reach back to you ASAP.

+Q5. How to get back my license key if I lose it?

Directly contact TuneFab support team by submitting a ticket on this page with required info, then the staff will check and respond to you ASAP.

+Q6. Can I use the same license key on more than 1 computer?

Currently, TuneFab only offers individual plans that are only available for use on 1 single device. If you have activated the license key on 1 computer, you are not allowed to switch to another one to use the same license simultaneously.

+Q7. Can I control the conversion speed of TuneFab Deezer Music Converter?

You don't have to manually set the conversion speed in advance as TuneFab Deezer Music Converter has applied the fastest performance by default to bring you the best conversion experience. The only factor that would affect the speed is your network condition. So please make sure that your device is connecting to a stable network while processing the Deezer music download in the software.

+Q8. How many Deezer songs can I add to convert each time?

There has no limit! As we test, TuneFab Deezer Music Converter supports adding multiple playlists and it will detect all songs contained for processing the conversion. For those duplicated songs, the software can even filter for you! Hence, you are able to add different playlists each time to process the music download without amount limitation at all.

+Q9. Will the conversion process compress the audio quality?

Absolutely not. TuneFab Deezer Music Converter will preserve the original quality without making any compression on the outputs. Hence, it won't affect the quality at all while processing the music download.

+Q10. Can I pause the music download while it is on progress?

Unfortunately no. TuneFab Deezer Music Converter has prevented users from doing so to ensure the stability of the performance while processing music conversion. If you have met any audio conversion issues related to the converting process, contact the support team to help you out directly.

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