TuneFab YouTube Music Converter YouTube Music Converter

-Q1. Will there be any limitation using the free trial?

Under the free trial period, you can only convert the first 3 minutes of each YouTube song. When the song is longer than 3 minutes, you are not able to get a complete file. Also, the free trial is only available for 30 days.

+Q2. How to get license key to activate the registered version?

Firstly, you are required to navigate to TuneFab online store and complete purchasing TuneFab YouTube Music Converter. As you will be asked to enter an email address while making the purchase, the license key will be sent to your mailbox after billing (the mail may be preserved in Spam section, please check carefully).

+Q3. Why I can’t receive the license key?

Normally, the email would be sent to you within 1 hour. If you fail to receive a mail, consider whether:

  • You have entered a wrong email address while purchasing the license key;
  • Whether the email has been sent to keep in Spam section so you can’t get any notification;
  • Something wrong with TuneFab’s server so the license key fail to be sent.

You are able to access the support team to seek help if you fail to receive the license key within 1 hour.

+Q4. How can I get my license key back if I lost it by accident?

To retrieve a license key, you are able to submit a request on TuneFab contact center with your order details provided. Once the support team receives your email, they will reach back to you and resend the license key to you right away.

+Q5. How to activate TuneFab YouTube Music Converter?

To activate TuneFab YouTube Music Converter and use the registered version, simply open the software and enter your email address, license key to the registration window. By hitting "Activate" and then the software can be activated successfully.

+Q6. Can I use the license key on more computers?

Unfortunately, one license key is only available to use on one device. If you desire to use the registered TuneFab YouTube Music Converter on more devices, you are required to purchase other license keys to activate on them simultaneously.

+Q7. Can I switch the license key to use on another device?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do this by yourself. If you change a new laptop or need to use it on another device, you are able to contact the support team to help.

+Q8. Do I need to subscribe to YouTube Music premium before using TuneFab YouTube Music Converter?

Not really. Even you are using the free account, you are able to log in TuneFab YouTube Music Converter and use its download feature to save any music offline.

+Q9. How many YouTube songs can I add each time?

There sets no limits in the number of songs you add to convert. As we tested, even you have added multiple playlists at once, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will process the conversion in batch for you. So you are able to use the software to download as many as YouTube songs when you need.

+Q10. Can I pause the music conversion in the middle?

Unfortunately no. Once the music conversion is in progress, you are not able to pause it but can only wait for it to be completed. If you have any problem while converting YouTube Music in the software, contact the support team and they will reach back to you and provide help as soon as possible.

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