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The desktop app itself is really intuitive. Once you drag and drop your audible books, the audiobook metadata info will be quickly presented. And with a simple click, you can convert multiple audiobooks to DRM-free audio. If we have to find fault, the output format options are somehow limited. You can only convert AA / AAX to MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.



One of the best AAX to MP3 converters available! Get your Audible books converted very fast and efficiently. And it even helps keep chapter info! For those who are not really tech-savvy, this will probably suit just fine.



This software is able to circumvent DRM protection and no Audible authorization needed. The biggest advantage is that the Audible converter can split the original AAX file into chapters and each chapter into shorter tracks of roughly equal length (split by time or split by average length of segments). This is a convenient way to enjoy your Audible books offline on more different media devices that are not compatible with the Audible app.



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