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+Q1. How can I get the activation code of TuneFab WeTrans after purchasing the product?

As soon as you have finished your payment of TuneFab WeTrans, you will receive an E-mail with the registered key together with the order information. You can copy and paste the activation code onto the TuneFab WeTrans and get it registered. So please be patient and check your inbox and SPAM box both for getting the license.

If you still fail to get the key of TuneFab WeTrans, you can read this guide and manually get your own key: Retrieve TuneFab Registration Code

+Q2. How many iOS and Android devices can be connected at a time?

You can connecct multiple iOS and Android devices to your PC. All connected devices will be detected by TuneFab WeTrans.

+Q3. What are the differences between free trial version and full version?

For the free trial version, you are allowed to use the software with the limited number of transferring files among iOS devices, Android devices to PC :

Music, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones, Audio Books, Voice Memos, Playlists, Albums: upper limits are 10.

Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, iTunes U, Home Videos, Podcasts: upper limits are also 10.

Photos together with albums: upper limits are 20.

Personal Information:Contacts, SMS(in HTML/CSV/Text format) : upper limits are 10 for both.

If you have purchased TuneFab WeTrans, you can enjoy the full features of the program without any limitation, like Contacts Backup and Restore, Ringtone Maker and HEIC Converter.

+Q4. Do I need to launch iTunes when using TuneFab WeTrans?

No, you don't need to launch iTunes when running TuneFab WeTrans. However, you need to make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your PC. It's necessary to have iTunes installed.

+Q5. Not all the photos in my iPhone are scanned by this software, why?

It is simply because you have turned off the iCloud Photo Library. In order to fix this problem, all you need to do is go to "Settings" > "Photos" > press the button to turn on the iCloud Photo Library. And then reconnect your iOS devices with TuneFab WeTrans.

+Q6. Registration failed. How to solve it?

Check the followings:

1. Check if you have entered the correct registered E-mail and registration code.

2. Check if you have downloaded the correction version of TuneFab WeTrans.

3. Check your Internect connection and make sure the connection is stable.

4. If there is any error message pop up, send it to the support team:

+Q7. How to upgrade TuneFab WeTrans?

On the main interface of TuneFab WeTrans, click on the upper right button "Menu" > "Check Update" to check and update your TuneFab WeTrans. Then you can go to the TuneFab website to download the latest version. However, if you still fail to upgrade your software, please contact our support team:

+Q8. When my iOS devices connected with TuneFab WeTrans, it is said that my device can not be recognized, but my iPhone is connected. How can I fix it?

Please check the followings:

1. Check if you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes.

2. Check if your iPhone can be detected by iTunes.

3. Check if your iOS device is available.

4. Check if your iPhone screen is unlocked. Since the locked screen will ban the authorization between iOS devices and PC.

5. Check if you are using iOS 6.0 or above. If it is lower than iOS 6.0, your devices cannot be recognized by TuneFab WeTrans.

6. Check if your iCloud is available. It should be turned on when your iOS devices is connecting with the computer.

If you have fixed the above question, then restart the software and reconnect the device to the computer again. If the problem still exists, please provide us with the following basic information to solve the problem effectively.

1. Tell us about your iTunes version. Can your iTunes detect your iPhone?

2. Tell us about your devices and iOS version.

3. Tell us about your operating system, Mac or Windows PC?

4. Take a screenshot of TuneFab WeTrans when connecting your devices to the software and send it to us via email.

5. Send the log file of TuneFab WeTrans with the E-mail to our support team.

+Q9. Will the data of my iPhone lost when connecting to TuneFab WeTrans?

It will be safe to transfer the data between iOS devices and PC with the authorization done. All your data will be safe so don't worry about transfer files or data when using TuneFab WeTrans.

+Q10. Can I install the TuneFab WeTrans on my iPhone or iPad?

No. TuneFab WeTrans is just the desktop data manager for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Currently, there are no apps for the iPhone or others iOS devices. So you can just download the TuneFab WeTrans in Windows and Mac version to manage the data in between your devices and computer with USB cable plugged in.

+Q11. It is said that TuneFab WeTrans is unexpected crashing. What can I do?

Step 1. Please pull out the USB cable from the computer and restart the TuneFab WeTrans. If it keeps crashing, please check the version of TuneFab WeTrans is latest or not. If not, please update it (Read Q7).

Step 2. If the crashing still happens, uninstall and reinstall TuneFab WeTrans to check if it is fixed.

Step 3. If all the above steps aren't worked, please send the E-mail to our support team: together with the log files.

+Q12. How to unlock the iPhone and connect to WeTrans? Should I authorize anything?

When plugged your iOS devices like iPhone into the computer for transferring data, a window with the prompt message will pop up on your iPhone/ iPod/ iPod touch and etc, then tap it. After that, you can connect iPhone with TuneFab WeTrans to transfer the data between iOS devices and computer.

+Q13. Can I transfer the files from iPhone to my iPad on TuneFab WeTrans software?

Yes, you can transfer files from iPhone to iPad by selecting the files and then right click your mouse > "Export to Device" to transfer your files to the devices.

+Q14. Is there any limitation of TuneFab WeTrans?

Yes, TuneFab WeTrans doesn't support transferring data from or to iTunes and Books. But the services of TuneFab WeTrans are multiple which satisfy the need of transferring data in between iPhone/iPad/iPod to the computer.

+Q15. What iPod models that TuneFab WeTrans is compatible with?

TuneFab WeTrans only supports iPod touch. If you are using iPod shuffle, iPod nano or iPod classic, then you are out of luck.

+Q16. Why did my Apple Music fail to transfer with TuneFab WeTrans?

It is because your Apple Music is under the DRM protection that your Apple Music cannot be transferred with TuneFab WeTrans. If you want to transfer Apple Music with TuneFab WeTrans, you need the help with TuneFab Apple Music Converter, which is able to remove DRM from Apple Music.

+Q17. My phone is jailbroken, can I use TuneFab WeTrans to transfer data or files?

Yes, TuneFab WeTrans is allowed to transfer data and files from jailbroken iOS device.

+Q18. How can I find the file location when transferring data from Android to iOS devices?

The transferred video will be stored on Videos app on your iOS devices and the photos will be stored on the Photo Library.

+Q19. Can I transfer the live photos from iOS to Android devices?

No. Currently, TuneFab WeTrans doesn't support transfer the lives photos stored on your iOS to Android.

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