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Use Google Play Music Freely on iPhone

By Tony Moton

August 03, 2017

Google Play Music has been publicly launched in November, 2011, and was added to Apple Store in 2013. With the standard account of Google Play Music, users are able to upload and enjoy more than 50,000 songs on iPhone for free. Also, Google Play Music offers music streaming for Internet- connected devices, which allows music to be listened to offline.


Part 1. How to Set Up Google Play Music on iPhone & iPad

Before you download a Google Play Music application, make sure you have a Google account, for example, a Gmail account is also available. If you don't have any Google account, sign up in the interface of Google( You can find the "Sign In" option on the top right.

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Then select "Create Account" at the bottom. Follow the guidance to finish all sign in steps.

Apple Music Kodi

With the Google account, you can keep the Google Play Music sync with all your devices.

Then open App Store with your iPhone or iPad, and search for Google Play Music, you can install it easily.

Part 2. How to Download Google Play Music to iPhone

If you want to listen to Google Play Music directly on your iPhone without using this app, you need the assist of your iTunes to transfer the songs to your phone. Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Open Google Play Music on your PC

Open Google Play Music on your browser and sign in. Then you can create a new folder on your desktop, which can help your desktop cleaner as well as your transfer easier.

Step 2. Find the songs with your Google Account

Select "My Library" in the column of "Music", then you can choose songs on the right side. Also, you are able to choose other catalogs such as Artists, Album to view your playlists.

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Step 3. Download the songs

Select the songs or albums you want to transfer and right click the mouse. Then choose "Download" option. You are going to choose the new folder you created just now to save the songs.

Step 4. Transfer to iTunes

After download, you just need to open your iTunes and drag your downloaded songs into it. The Transformation is finished.

Step 5. Sync with your iPhone

The final step is to connect iTunes to your iPhone and sync with it. The songs on the iTunes will add to iPhone after the synchronization.

Part 3. News: Google Play Music iOS App Now Supports Apple CarPlay

Google Play Music on iOS is available on Apple Carplay now. There are four parts of Play Music in CarPlay version: Home, Recent, Music Library, and Stations. People can connect the Google Play Music with certain car system through USB cable or Bluetooth to make the songs in Google Play Music played on car while driving.

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