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How to Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3

By Patrick Dyer

December 26, 2017

"I want to listen to my Audible books on my old MP3 player. Is there any way to convert the Audible books to the MP3 format that can be supported by the old device?"

If you like to listen to audiobooks, you must be familiar with From Audible, you can buy various audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audiobooks version of some magazines, newspaper. However, sometime you might come across the problem that fail to transfer Audible audiobooks to Sony Walkman, Xbox 360, or some other devices for listening. To solve this problem, here is a solution I am going to recommend about.


For Audible audiobooks, here are 2 ways to convert your audiobook into the compatible MP3 format, one is converting ways absolutely and the other is recording ways.

Part 1. Solution for Converting Audible to MP3 for Unsupported Devices

Method 1. Converting Audible to MP3 on Converting Ways

Before you started to know the way, what you need to convert Audible to MP3 format is an awesome Audiobooks converter called TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It has the ability to remove DRM and convert AA and AAX audible audiobooks to the plain audio format including MP3, M4A, AC3, FLAC, AU, AIF, etc. that supported by almost all devices. With it, you can experience the 16X faster speed and 100% original quality.

Step 1. Add Audible Audiobooks to iTunes

Actually, this TuneFab Apple Music Converter can only work with iTunes. So you need to import the Audible AA or AAX files to iTunes library before we start the conversion.

Step 2. Select the Audible Audiobooks

After opening this program, it will automatically detect all your iTunes media file and load to the software. You only need to open "Audiobook" Playlist and choose the Audible audiobook you want to convert to MP3 or other formats.

Select the Audible Audiobooks

Step 3. Select Output Format

Go to "Output Format" to select MP3 as output audio format. Then you can go to "Output Folder" to specify a destination folder to save converted files.

Tips: You can also customize the output settings such as codec, audio channel, bit-rate, sample rate, and etc.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3

Click on the "Convert" button, and then the program will pop up a converting window. Here you can check the task process. When the conversion finished, you can go to the output folder to find the Audible audiobooks in MP3 format.

Note: With these 3 minutes long converted files, you can experience the quality that TuneFab Apple Music brings you. After checking, you can't help getting your converter registered.

Here is the Video Guidance you may not want to miss about:

Method 2. Converting Audible to MP3 on Recording Ways

Here is I am going to recommend a recorder, called TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can turn on your Audible and turn on this recorder. Following this recording guidance, you will learn how to listening Audible audiobooks.

Step 1. Launch the software

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 2. Select the Audio Recorder

On above interface, you can select the Audio Recorder for recording, then you will shift to the recording interface.

Open System Audio & Microphone

Note: Don't forget to turn on your system Audio and microphone for recording

Step 3. Choose Output Folder and Output Settings

On the recording interface, there is an Enneagon Button which is called Settings. Clicking this button, you can select your output folder and settings for better getting your recorded files.

Change Location of Output Files

Step 4. Click the "REC" Button to Record

After getting ready for your recording progress, you can click REC to record. When it is over, you can click stop for saving your Audible audiobooks.

Change Location of Output Files

Here you have got 2 tips on convert Audible audiobooks on 2 separated ways. You can choose your favorite ways to get started.

Part 2. Known More about Your Audible Audiobooks

A. Format:

The audible audio format is a proprietary audio scheme which is specifically designed for the secure distribution and use of audiobooks on various software and hardware devices.

Compatible Format: Format 2 (.AA), Format 3 (.AA), Format 4 (.AA), Enhanced Audio (.AAX / .AAX+)

However, there are several different Audible formats that mainly include AA, AAX, and AAX+. Here is a table that you can know concrete details of these Audible audio formats.

Audible Format

B. Devices:

For Computer (Mac or PC): You can open Audible audiobooks with iTunes in Mac Operating systems and with Audible Manager, Nero 11, Rapid Solution Tunebite 9, SoundTaxi Media Suite and TuneCab in Microsoft Windows-based systems.

For Some Hardware devices: Apple's iPods/iPads/iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows phone, Blackberry with Android system, Sandisk MP3 players, Creative MP3 players, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To know more Audible support devices, you can go to to know more details. Enjoy your Audible Audiobooks playing without any limitation with such understandable converter, TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

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