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Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Google Play Music: Which to Choose

By Patrick Dyer

August 02, 2017

Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music, the three major music streaming services have always been put into comparison. So, which one would deserve your $9.99/mon? You may gain some answers in this passage.

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Part 1. The Charges of Three Services

The price would always be a point we focus on. Although it does not list in detail, all of the three offer a free trial. For Apple Music, users have a three-month free trial, while Spotify has only 30 days, and Google Play Music has 30 days, too, or 99 cents for 3 months. Besides, Apple Music and Spotify have a discount for students, while Google Play Music doesn’t have.

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The individual plans of three services for a month are the same, at $9.99, and the fee for a family would be the equation that "Apple Music= Spotify< Google Play Music".

Part 2. Sound Quality and Compatibility

The bitrate of Apple Music only reaches 256kbps while both Spotify and Google Play Music can reach 320 kbps. Besides, the format of Apple Music is AAC, Spotify refers to OGG, and Google Play Music is MP3. Although Apple Music has the lowest bitrate, it would much closer to the lossless sound quality. But actually, we are no so professional that we can tell the differences of the three sound quality clearly, since all of them have been good enough for us to enjoy the music.

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As for compatibility, compared to Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music have an advantage, which refers to the web player. The latter two can be played on the web browser, but Apple Music has a higher limit. It means that it can only play with the certain media player such as iTunes. Additionally, Google Play Music also links to YouTube directly, which means that it can provide more contents.

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Part 3. Differences in Playlist

Google Music and Spotify have a similar playlist system. Users can create their own playlists according to their preferences. The playlist can be played randomly, or in a certain order. Nevertheless, Apple Music has a more professional user-made playlist. When you add songs to the playlist of Apple Music, it will also add to the Music Library as well. But in Google Play Music and Spotify, you have to add songs to this two catalogs separately.

Besides, in Google Play Music, you can get your playlists in any devices that have installed the Google Play Music by log in your Google Account. However, Apple Music, for example, you could only have an access to those devices which have been authorized by your Apple Music.

Part 4. DRM Protection

All of these three music streaming services have emphasized the importance of protecting copyright.

As we all know, the files of both Apple Music and Spotify are DRM- protected, which means that the digital contents cannot be copied or reused for any purposes. Users cannot download and transfer the files directly. Before transformation, people have to remove DRM from the songs.

However, Google Play Music refers to a DRM-free application, you can download the duplicate of the songs from the app and keep them on your computer, or mobile phone, but there has a limitation of times, which is twice. You can enjoy the music without the app freely. If you want to download them to your iPhone, you just need to drag the downloaded songs to your iTunes and sync with your iPhone, then the songs will be available.

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