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Apple Music iOS 11: Adds MusicKit API and Social Listening

By Laura Barnes

June 06, 2017

Apple held its Worldwide Developer Conference (2017) keynote yesterday. The company unveiled new versions of its iOS, macOS and watchOS platforms, a connected home speaker device called the HomePod - shipping in December - and a new iPad Pro tablet.

Among so many big improvements, most of the news agencies have no time to spare for the improvements on Apple Music. But in the fact that Apple Music now has 27 million paid subscribers, we care what Apple Music will be improved in the coming iOS 11. Now, let's take a look.



Part 1. Apple Music iOS 11: What's New?

Friends Are Listening To

The keyword of Apple Music on iOS 11 is "Social".  In iOS 11, Apple Music offers more ways to discover music with friends. Subscribers can create a profile so their friends can follow them, listen to playlists they've shared and seen the music they listen to most. For users who are less social, you can make your profile private and hide your Nickelback love from your friends.

Friends Are Listening To

Up Next

Apple will also introduce a new shared "up next" list in Apple Music, that will allow users to let friends choose what songs will come up next in a playlist. This will come in handy if you're using the new HomeKit 2, which allows for control over your speakers and multi-room audio.


MusicKit is an API that lets developers integrate their services more tightly with Apple Music. Developers will now be able to the new MusicKit API to use your Apple Music subscription to play full songs in their apps. Developers can access your Cloud Library, pull your For You recommendations for music personalization, surface Featured music and charts to bubble up what's most popular, and search through playlists, stations, and categories.

Part 2. How to Upgrade to iOS 11 Beta to Enjoy the Apple Music New Features?

Though iOS 11 beta 1 is intended for use by iOS developers only, many avid Apple fans may want to install iOS 11 beta 1 immediately. If you plan to install iOS 11 beta 1 on your iPhone or iPad, there are a few things you should know:

• You may lose some data. Be sure to back up to iCloud or iTunes before you install iOS 11 beta 1.

• There will be bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.

• Apps will crash… often. No third-party app developer on the planet has updated their apps yet for iOS 11 (how could they?) and there will absolutely be compatibility issues. Your favorite apps may be completely unusable, in fact. Keep that in mind before you install iOS 11

How Developers Can Get the iOS 11 Beta

If you have an Apple developer account, simply visit the Apple Developer download page on your iPhone or iPad and you'll be able to install Apple's new beta configuration profile. Then iOS 11 beta 1 will show up under Settings > General > Software Update as an over the air (OTA) download. Alternatively, you can visit the same link on your computer and download iOS 11 beta 1 to install through iTunes.

How to Sign Up for The Public Beta

If you're not a developer and you balk at the idea of paying $100 to get a sneak peek at iOS 11, then you can wait a little longer for the public beta program — it will be available at the end of the month. Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program and you'll get early access to iOS 11 without having to pay anything. Once you've signed up with your Apple ID, you'll get the option to enroll your device. You'll receive an email informing you just as soon as the public beta version of iOS 11 is available and you'll be able to download a Configuration Profile and install iOS 11 via Settings > General > Software Update.

Just share us what you have seen on Apple Music under iOS 11.

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