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Top Solutions to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes

By Claire Wilson

October 09, 2018

As an official tool to transfer data between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer, iTunes, however, is redundant in some cases. Inevitably, people will hunt for other alternatives with more convenience. Among all these data, music accounts for a great percentage. Therefore, this post will introduce to you 5 methods to transfer music (Apple Music included) to iPhone without iTunes. If you want to put songs to iPhone from your computer, want to share music with your friends, or just want to download the music to your iPhone from some music services, then you can find all the solutions in this article.

To begin with, I would like to inform you that this article will be divided into 3 parts—each part contains a method or more. Moreover, some practical tips will be given to you so that you can transfer music more freely between your devices if you want. So please get ready to add songs to your iPhone!


Part 1. Best Method to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes

How to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes? Is there any handy tool that can take the place of iTunes in terms of syncing music to iPhone? Of course, TuneFab WeTrans is highly recommended. It is designed to transfer, manage, import/export your music, photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages between iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X and iPad, iPod or computers. Let's see the steps to transfer music to iPhone with TuneFab WeTrans. Before we get started, please download the software first and install it follow the instruction of installation.

Step 1. Launch the Software

When you open TuneFab WeTrans, you can see its main interface with 7 options on the left side, which are Home, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages, and Toolbox. Basically, you can tell their functions through the names. 

Main Interface


TuneFab WeTrans requires the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC to work corporately. If you don't have one, just download one. If your version is not the newest, just update it.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the Computer

Connect you iPhone to your PC with a USB cable and then you can see your iPhone's basic information appears on the center of the interface.

Connect iPhone to PC

Step 3. Select Music from the PC

Click "Music" and all the music files in your iPhone will pop up in the new interface, which are listed in categories: iTunes U, Podcasts, Ringtones, Audiobooks, Voice Memos, and Playlists. Then click the add icon beside this second-level list to add music from your computer to iPhone. There are 2 ways to add:

#1. Add File(s)

If you click this button, then you can open either folder you like on your computer to add songs that you want to transfer to iPhone one by one.

#2. Add Folder

If you choose "Add Folder", then you can add all the songs in that folder to WeTrans. Please add all the songs you like to this folder before you transfer them to iPhone.

Add Music from PC

Step 4. Start Transferring Apple Music/iTunes Music to iPhone

When you finish selecting music, click the phone-like icon with an arrow pointing inward. Just wait for a second and you can get those songs transferred to iPhone.

Start Transferring Music to iPhone


After all the efforts, you are able to transfer Apple Music, iTunes purchased songs or CD songs to iPhone without iTunes. If you are Apple Music user, then you should know that the Apple Music songs cannot be played on non-authorized iPhone even if you have transferred them from computer through TuneFab WeTrans. It's all because of Apple's DRM protection. Then how to remove the restriction of DRM? Here comes TuneFab Apple Music Converter, a software that removes the DRM and download Apple Music to a DRM-free format. You can directly download TuneFab Apple Music Converter from the download buttons below.

Part 2. Sync Music to iPhone without iTunes Using Cloud Services

In this part, 3 cloud service will be introduced to you for adding music to your iPhone.

1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is similar to iTunes to some extents, but the major different thing it that apart from purchasing music from the online store, Google Play Music allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs from your computer and save them to the cloud. That is exactly why you can use the cloud-based Google Play Service to listening to music on iPhone freely.


The storage limits of Google Play Music are that, using Google Play Music for Chrome or Music Manager, you can upload up to 50,000 songs and 300MB per song.

Follow the steps here to transfer music to iPhone via Google Play Music

Step 1.Install Google Play Music on PC

Step 2.Upload Music

Step 3. Install Google Play Music on iPhone

Step 4. Listen to the Uploaded Music

Google Play Music

2. Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Could Player is another cloud service that enables you to upload music from your PC. However, the storage for free users is much smaller than Google Play Music, only accounts for 250 songs. If you have already paid to be a Prime, then you can enjoy up to 250,000 songs storage plan by paying extra $7.99 per month or $79 per year. But most people are not Prime customers so they have to pay $9.99 per month to enlarge the storage of the cloud space.

Follow the steps here to transfer music to iPhone via Amazon Cloud Player

Step 1. Get to Amazon Cloud Player

You can either use the website to sign in the Amazon account or download the software and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Upload Music from PC

Step 3. Install the Amazon Cloud Player App

Step 4. Download the Music

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is like a super file holder that you can throw all kinds of files in. But it is much better than a file holder for it can synchronize those files on several devices. And importantly, it is free anyway. You don't have to pay and will get an excellent file assistant and a free music player. Nothing could be better, right?

Follow the steps here to transfer music to iPhone via Dropbox

Step1. Install Dropbox on PC

Step 2. Drag and Drop the Music into Dropbox

Step 3. Download Dropbox App on iPhone

Step 4. Listen to the Music you Added

Part 3. Tips: Download Music to iPhone with Spotify

In addition to using tools to transfer music to iPhone, you can also enjoy online streaming music service like Apple Music and Spotify, both of which are top music Apps around the world. Millions of songs are available for you with various genres, artists, playlists and albums. Here we will present Spotify music service for you. This is a method to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes wirelessly.


Spotify has one of the largest music libraries in the world, and its precise algorithm for recommendation will not disappoint you. One thing you need to know is that all songs in Spotify are streaming music that you can't download and keep forever. So you have to enjoy that online. Here's a tip to solve the problem by removing the DRM: how to listen to Spotify offline, how to convert Spotify to MP3, and how to save Spotify music to computer.


5 methods have been shown above, and you can simply select the one you like to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes. Generally speaking, TuneFab WeTrans is highly recommended for its high efficiency and incomparable convenience in transferring data between computers and iPhone. What's more, other types of files can also be moved easily between different devices. You won't regret to have it.

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