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[Complete Guide] How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad without iTunes

By Tony Moton

January 12, 2019

"I just brought a secondhand iPad Pro last week from my friend. Now I want to transfer some music from my computer to the iPad. It is frustrated because I have no idea of how to do it. Anyone can help?"

To export music from iPad Pro to computer, most people may recommend iTunes. Here, we offer a brand-new tool – TuneFab WeTrans, which is by no means less proficient than iTunes.


Part 1. Recommended Tool for Transferring Music from PC to iPad

The rising popularity of smartphones and tablets and different systems have triggered the development of all kinds of transfer programs. TuneFab WeTrans is such a program that is developed to transfer data from Computer to iOS device.

Features of TuneFab WeTrans

* Neat and Simple Appearance: TuneFab WeTrans comes with a simple interface. Users can easily get hints about how to use every feature.

* Safe and dependable performance: Transferring music with TuneFab WeTrans is quite safe. Do don't worry about data leak, data corruption, etc.

* Deft and Reasonable Design: You can transfer, edit and delete all kinds of data with TuneFab WeTrans. At the left pane, the software lists all data categories orderly, whereas at the top pane is the toolbar where you can find the transfer, edit, and delete button.

* Full Compatibility: TuneFab WeTrans is compatible with iOS 6 or above (iOS 10.3, iOS11 and iOS12), and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64bits). iPads in the following list are supported: iPad Pro, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3.

* Convenient usage: Just with a USB cable, you can link your iPad and PC, and then you can directly transfer music with the software. You don't need to connect the program to Internet.

* Small Size: TuneFab WeTrans is smaller in size than many other similar products.

Part 2. Transfer Music from PC to iPad without iTunes

Step 1. Install and Register TuneFab WeTrans

Click the download button to download TuneFab WeTrans. After downloading, install and run the program in your computer. If you have already purchased the full version of the program, you enter your registered E-mail and the registration code and click on "Register" to unlock the software.

Step 2. Connect iPad to PC

Connect your iPad to the Windows computer with a USB cable. Then go to your iPad, there should be a pop-up message that prompts you to authorize the computer. Just hit the "Trust" button to confirm authorization. Once this step is done, your iPad will successfully connect to the computer, and the basic information of your iPad will appear on the screen.

Main Interface

Step 3. Choose Music to Transfer

TuneFab WeTrans allows you to sync five types of data, including Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, and Messages between PC and iOS device. To import songs, playlists, albums to PC from iPad, you should choose "Music". After that, you can expand the list "All Music" list, then further choose items from "Music" and "Playlists".

Transfer Music

Step 4. Start Transferring Music from PC to iPad without iTunes

TuneFab WeTrans lets you transfer multiple songs at a time with one click. You can check the ones you want one by one, and you can select all at a time. After making selection, click the phone icon. All the songs you have selected will be moved to from your iPad to the computer.

Output Music from PC to iPad

Part 3. Music Transfer Performance Comparison: TuneFab WeTrans V.S. iTunes

Some may want to know why we don't recommend iTunes to transfer music from PC to iPad. Below are reasons for it.

#1 Interface

Both programs have simple, neat and intuitive interface.

#2 Design

iTunes is integrated with features of data management, data transfer, data syncing, and it can also perform as a music player. It is a comprehensive toolkit to manage data for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. Compared with iTunes, TuneFab WeTrans is specially developed to transfer data between iOS and PC. So when you just want to transfer music or other files, TuneFab WeTrans is a better choice because it is more simple to use compared to iTunes that is integrated with multiple complex features.

#3 Size

iTunes is 257 MB and 263 MB respectively for Windows and macOS whereas TuneFab WeTrans is only 66 MB. Obviously, TuneFab WeTrans is defter.

#4 Performance

TuneFab WeTrans never fails to transfer music or other file between iOS device to PC. So does iTunes. And info leak and data damage never occurs when using these two programs for transfer. However, as iTunes is bigger in size, it is more probable to cause system crash.

#5 Compatibility

Both TuneFab WeTrans and iTunes are compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod and Windows. But iTunes is not so user-friendly to Windows PC.

#6 Data Security

You iPad may be synced by iTunes if you haven't check the "Prevent iPhone, iPad from automatic sync with this computer" before connecting iPad to PC. If you are not so familiar with iTunes, we advise you to use TuneFab WeTrans.

That's all. Any question, just leave a message and let us know.

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