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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer in 2 Ways

By Claire Wilson

November 02, 2018

iPod, as we all know, is the best choice for listening to offline music for its amazing sound quality, large battery life and portable size and shape. It becomes the most popular tool for music fans or sports enthusiasts. Previously we've introduced the methods of importing songs from PC to iPod, it's time to show you how to transfer music from iPod back to PC. If you have no idea about the latter, then the post meets your need exactly. After reading it, you will know how to export iPod music to computer without iTunes, and even without any software. Let's move on!

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Part 1. How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer without iTunes

As the official and traditional tool to transfer music between iPod and computer, iTunes shows its privilege of multifunction. However, when it comes to transferring music from iPod to computer, iTunes seems not that convenient in some cases, such as the slow speed of transferring, the tendency of getting choppy, etc. As a result, we need a better iTunes alternative to do the task. Here TuneFab WeTrans is highly recommended. It is a professional software that helps us transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages between iOS devices and PC. So, to import music from iPod touch to computer without iTunes, TuneFab WeTrans is qualified enough. Not only can it move iPod music to computer, but also enables you to edit the information of the tracks. Click the button to get a free trial!

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab WeTrans

Follow the instruction of installation, after the process is done, please launch the software. There are seven options for you to choose from on the main interface, including Home, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages, and Toolbox—each function of them can be told by their names.

Main Interface


Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer. TuneFab WeTrans will perform well with the cooperation of iTunes. So if you have installed iTunes, just check whether it is the latest version and upgrade it.

Step 2. Connect iPod to Computer

Connect your iPod to computer with a USB cable. The basic information of your iPod will appear on the screen. Click the pencil icon and you are able to edit the name of your iPod.

Connect iPod to Computer

Step 3. Select Music from iPod

Click the "Music" button and all the music file on your iPod will pop up. There are several categories for you to choose from, like Music, iTunes U, Podcasts, Ringtones, Audiobooks, Video Memos, and Playlists.

#1. If you want to transfer some of the songs from iPod to computer, you can just tick the ones you like one by one in the checkbox.

#2. If you want to move all the songs to computer, please select all. It can save you a lot of time.

#3. By clicking the pencil icon at the end of each song, you can edit the tags of the songs as you like.

Select Music from iPod


If you can't remember what categories a song belongs to, you can directly type its name into to the search bar at the top right corner of the interface. In this way you can target the tracks specifically.

Step 4. Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

After you finish selecting music from iPod, click the "Expect to PC" button to move the songs that you selected just now.

Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

Step 5. Select Output Folder

Once you click the transfer button, there will be a pop-up interface shown before you. you can select an appropriate folder to save the files.


The files you exported from iPod just now can't be played on other devices because of DRM. To remove DRM of Apple Music, TuneFab Apple Music Converter offers a big help. It enables you to download and convert Apple Music to DRM-free formats, which can be played on any device that you want.

Part 2. How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer without Software

If you are out of internet connection and can't download TuneFab WeTrans for transferring music from iPod to PC, then this method can perfectly figure out your problem. It requires no software to do the task. What you need to prepare is a computer, a USB port, and an iPod. To cut long story short, let's begin!

Step 1. Plug your iPod into USB Port

Connect your iPod touch to the USB port and then link it to your computer. Make sure that click "Yes" on the trust message which pop up on your iPod. All the steps below are based on Windows 10 system—it is just for reference, and it can be done on Mac as well.

Step 2. Navigate your iPod

Go to the Windows file browser and navigate your iPod touch, and then click the "View" button and check "Hidden items". After that you will see the "iPod_Control" folder in which there is a "Music" folder.

Show Hidden Items

Step 3. Drag and Drop Media Folders

Select the Music folder and then drag it to the location that you want on your computer. Or you can copy the whole folder and then paste to the target location on your computer. If you transfer a bunch of music from iPod, then you need to wait a minute to have the process done.

Music Folder on iPod


Above all are the solutions about how to transfer music from iPod to computer. You can choose freely either TuneFab WeTrans or transfer directly from iPod. No matter what method you are fond of, one thing clear is that both the music moved from iPod touch are under the restriction of DRM, you need a DRM remover - TuneFab Apple Music Converter to delete the limitation of playback on other devices.

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