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Best 2 Ways to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

By Claire Wilson

December 18, 2018

With an iPhone at hand or in your pocket, you are able to enjoy music anytime and anywhere. Undoubtedly, it is much more convenient to listen to music with a portable device than ever before. Sometimes, however, I prefer to listen to songs with my computer simultaneously when writing a blog, making a PPT or surfing the Internet on my computer. That is why I regularly transfer my favorite songs from my iPhone XS to computer. I have several methods to move music. The following post will introduce the best two ways to transfer music from iPhone to computer in details.


Method 1. My First Choice: Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer without iTunes

Among piles of programs and apps in the software store, I choose TuneFab WeTrans as my first choice for iPhone-to-PC transfer, which is because TuneFab WeTrans has all the makings of successfully transferring music tracks from your iPhone to computer without iTunes.

First of all, TuneFab WeTrans is based on and driven by sophisticated algorithm, leading to high successful rate of file transfer. You are allowed transfer songs, playlists, albums, etc. from your iOS device to computer readily. Multiple formats are supported. Furthermore, no data leak or file damage will occur during the transfer process. And it won't omit any data which is selected to transfer. TuneFab WeTran is well compatible with all iPhone modes inclusive of iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, etc. Computers based on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64bits) fully support TunesFab WeTrans.

Step 1. Install and Open TunesFab WeTrans

To start with, please download and install TuneFab WeTrans into your computer. Then click to run the program. And you will have the following window.

Note: Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer. TuneFab WeTrans will perform well with the cooperation of iTunes. So if you have installed iTunes, just check whether it is the latest version and upgrade it.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to PC

Now please connect your iPhone X Max/X/8 or other iDevices to your computer via USB cable. Then you need to go to your iPhone and click the "Trust" button in the prompt message.

Trust Computer

When this is done, your iOS device will soon successfully be connected to the computer. You can view your iPhone's basic info on the software interface.

Connect iOS Device

Step 3. Choose Music Tracks to Transfer

On the left pane, locate "Music". Then click it and enter the music library of your iPhone, where you can selectively choose your desired songs to transfer. And you can batch choose all items you want to transfer with one click.

Transfer Music

Step 4. Output Music from iPhone to Computer

There are two ways to transfer songs, playlists, albums from your mobile phone to the computer:

#1 Right click items you want to transfer. In the pop-up, choose "Export" and choose a file folder to store output data. Select a song and then click to the button on the top of Music library to manage your music and transfer to PC/iOS.

Export Music

#2 Choose songs you want to transfer music library to your computer. Next, click the computer icon to export iOS music to the PC.

Export Music

Editor's Note: Please note that music transferred from your iPhone to the computer cannot be played directly as they are DRM-protected. To remove DRM protection, you can turn to TuneFab Apple Music Converter, with which you can convert DRM protected M4P songs to plain M4A or MP3 format. So DON'T MISS the guide of DRM removal.

Method 2. Alternative: Transfer Music from iPhone to PC with iTunes

To transfer music from iPhone to computer, you can also turn to iTunes in addition to TunesFab WeTrans.

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and tap to trust the computer.

Step 3. When the phone is successfully connected to your computer, go to iTunes. Click File on the upper left corner of iTunes window > Devices > Transfer Purchases from "your iPhone name".

Step 4. Wait when music tracks are being transferred. After that, click "Recently Added" on the left side of the iTunes window. Choose the purchased music that you want to transfer to the computer. And click the "Download" button.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

Editor's Note: This method is only available when your songs are purchased from iTunes. Some iTunes users complain that sometimes iTunes may fail to finish transferring for some unknown reasons. Some even complain that original data on their iPhone is replaced easily during the transferring process.

Words in the End:

If you don't want to download any other program except for iTunes in your computer, you can transfer your files with iTunes; and if you are iTunes' number one fan, the program can yet be regarded as a good choice. Otherwise, you can take consideration of TunesFab WeTrans, which has much to recommend it. Due to a neat and concise interface, it is easy to operate. With it, you can finally get rid of the cumbersome iTunes. And this program is marvelous in realm of multimedia files like songs, album, playlist in various formats. To encapsulate, it can not only play a role of data carrier, but also can act as a ringtone maker, HEIC converter, and contact management tool. Just have a fling at transferring iPhone data with it!

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