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How to Transfer MP3 to iPod (touch)

By Claire Wilson

November 18, 2018

iPod is welcome by many music nuts for its portability, large battery life and high-quality output tone. If you have already collected a bunch of MP3 files on computer, then how to put them to iPod is a question. Actually, syncing music from iTunes to iPod is one of the methods that you can try, but it's likely that you will run into problems like iTunes won't detect your iPod. 

So, what's the best way to easily transfer MP3 to iPod? The answer is by using TuneFab WeTrans, which is a perfect iTunes alternative that allows you to put MP3 songs directly from PC to iPod. In this guide, we are going to show you two different ways to sync music to iPod, you can read through the guide and choose the method that suits you best. Let's move on!


Part 1. How to Transfer MP3 to iPod Without iTunes

Get tired of iTunes? Then you might as well take a look at TuneFab WeTrans, a professional tool that can transfer almost all kinds of data for you between iOS device and computer, including music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, etc. When it comes to transfer MP3 to iPod, you can either add just a few of them or transfer them in batch within seconds. Besides, TuneFab WeTrans enables you to remove music or other data between iDevices, which helps you sync iPhone, iPod, and iPad with just a few clicks. Hit the button below to download the software for a free trial!


#1. Apart from music files like MP3 files, TuneFab WeTrans can also transfer photos, videos, contacts, and SMS between iOS devices or between iOS devices and computer. If you get tired with iPhone's default ringtone, you can also make yourself a unique one via TuneFab WeTrans.
#2. Up to now, the available iOS devices on TuneFab WeTrans include iPhone 5s/6/6s/7/7P/8/8P/X, iPad/iPad mini/iPad Pro, and iPod touch. Other members in iPod family like iPod nano/shuffle/classic are available yet. If you want to sync Apple Music to iPod shuffle, please click the link to read more.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab WeTrans

Follow the instruction of installation to have the process done. Please pay attention that before you launch TuneFab WeTrans, you need to install the latest version of iTunes or just upgrade it if you have already had one. iTunes serves as an assistant to help and will not influence the program. Then activate TuneFab WeTrans, the main interface is like this:

Main Interface

Step 2. Connect iPod Touch to Computer

Connect iPod touch to computer with the USB cable. A "Trust This Computer" message will pop up on iPod touch, click "Trust".

Trust This Computer

If iPod touch is connected successfully, then its main information will be on the interface. By clicking the pencil-shaped icon, you are free to rename your iPod touch.

Connect iPod to Computer

Step 3. Select MP3 from Computer

#1. Click "Music" on the left column and all the music files on iPod touch will be listed in several categories. On the right side of each songs, there is a pencil-shaped icon which enables to edit some basic information of the songs.

Songs on iOS Device

#2. Click the add icon at the top of the interface. There are two ways to add MP3 from computer. If you want to add a few MP3 files, click "Add File(s)"; if you choose "Add Folder", then all music in the folder will be transferred to iPod touch.

Add Music to Device

Step 4. Transfer MP3 to iPod Touch

After the selection, click the phone-shaped icon with an inward arrow, and the MP3 will be transferred into iPod touch with a fast speed.

Part 2. How to Put MP3 to iPod with iTunes

Remove the previous data is not that terrible if you want a brandy new music library, in this case, iTunes will offer a great help. Let's see how to transfer MP3 to iPod with iTunes.

Step 1. Put MP3 Files into a Folder

First of all, you need to add all the MP3 files that you are fond of into a folder, which will save you lots of time for navigation.

Step 2. Add MP3 to iTunes Library

Launch iTunes and then go to "Music Playlists", right click it. Select "New Playlist" to generate a new playlist to save the MP3 files.

Create New Playlist

Note: If you don't have iTunes on your computer, please download the latest version of iTunes. If you have downloaded in advance, just check and upgrade it to the latest version.

Step 3. Connect iPod to Computer

With the USB cable, connect iPod touch to computer and the interface will be shown as below.

Connect iPod to Computer

Step 4. Sync MP3 to iPod with iTunes

Click "Music" under "Settings", check "Sync Music". After that choose "Selected playlists, artists, alums, and genres", in this way you can find all the MP3 files recently added from iTunes. If you finish the selection, click "Apply" and wait for a minute to have the process done.

Sync Music to iPod


Both of the methods mentioned above are easy enough to handle, you can have a try on your own within a few minutes! Generally speaking, TuneFab WeTrans provides a set of thoughtful operation processes that the users will master in a short time. Besides, it will not influence any other data on iOS devices - isn't it exactly what we need? So just download it and try to transfer MP3 to iPod within minutes!

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