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[Guide] How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone 6/7/8/X

By Claire Wilson

October 26, 2018

As we all know, iTunes is a traditional tool to sync music to iPhone, whose data will be erased and replaced by those in iTunes. Therefore, if your iPhone 5s/6/7/8/X/XS is completely new and has no music in it, you can sync music from iTunes to iPhone directly. However, if you want to add some particular songs to iPhone without losing any music that has already existed on iPhone, then you'd better transfer music without iTunes syncing. This article will provide you with two methods of transferring music from iTunes to iPhone 5s/6/7/8/X. The first part will guide you how to sync music from iTunes to iPhone without erasing any data. And the second part is suitable for those who want to replace the whole iPhone music library. Let's go ahead!


Part 1. Transfer iTunes Music to iPhone Without Losing Data

To transfer music from iTunes to iPhone without any influence on other music data, TuneFab WeTrans is highly recommended. TuneFab WeTrans is a transferring tool to move files like music, photos, videos, contacts, and messages between iOS devices and computers. Not only can it transfer music to iPhone, but also manage media files on iPhone. Though TuneFab WeTrans will not transfer iTunes music to iPhone directly, it adds the music from the local folder of iTunes, so as to transfer them to iPhone respectively without losing music data in iPhone. Follow the steps below to add iTunes songs to iPhone!

Step 1. Download TuneFab WeTrans and Install it

Click the button below to download TuneFab WeTrans. Choose the right version for your system and then follow the instruction of installation.

Step 2. Launch TuneFab WeTrans

After the installation, launch the software and you can see its main interface like this. Seven options are available at the left side, including Home, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages, and Toolbox.

Main Interface


Before you transfer music to iPhone, please make sure that the latest version of iTunes has been installed on your computer. If not, please download and install the latest version. If you already have one, please check whether it is the latest version and upgrade it if it is not.

Step 3. Connect iPhone to Computer

Now connect iPhone to computer with a USB cable and the software will automatically identify your iPhone 5s/6/7/8/X. The basic information of your iPhone will appear on the main interface. Here we have iPhone 5s as an example.

Connect iPhone to Computer


Up to now the most amazing shining star of iPhone series is iPhone X, which represents the best of iPhone and inspires the tenth anniversary of Apple Inc. Iphone X differs from the inner alternation to the outside appearance. What's the new features of iPhone X and how to sync music to iPhone X? If you are interested in it, you can learn more in this passage: Sync Apple Music to Your iPhone X .

Step 4. Select Music from Computer

Click the "Music" button to get into a new interface. Then click the add button below the iPhone icon to choose "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder". If you want to add single songs, just choose the former. If you click the latter, all files in that folder will be added to iPhone. You can add the songs on your computer to iPhone or choose the songs that you have downloaded from iTunes. Just find the folder of iTunes and then add the songs.

Select Music


#1. All the music on your iPhone will appear on a newly-appeared list, including iTunes U, Podcasts, Ringtones, Audiobooks, Voice Memos, and Playlists. Besides it, the information of each track can be seen clearly.

#2. You can edit the basic information of these tracks by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of each song.

Step 5. Start Transferring Music

Once you have finished selecting music, click the phone-like icon with an inward arrow. Then the files will be transferred to iPhone without damaging other existed music.

Just wait patiently if you transfer a bunch of music to iPhone, the process will finish in a minute.

Part 2. How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

The method above is suitable for those who don't want to lose any previous music. Now if you want to refresh all your music or just want to replace them with those in iTunes, then you can follow this guide to make a new music library for yourself.

Step 1. Run iTunes

Launch iTunes and then make sure that it is the latest version.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Computer

Connect iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and the iPhone will be recognized automatically.

Step 3. Choose Music

Click the cellphone-like icon at the top-left corner of iTunes' interface and the items that can be synced will list below. Click "Music" > "Sync Music". Here two choices are offered: sync the entire music library or selected playlists, artists, album, and genres.

#1. If you prefer "Entire music library", then tick the option and all your music on iPhone be erased and replaced by those in iTunes music library.

#2. If you want to select music by yourself, then you can choose "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres". Once you choose it, you can tick the music that you are going to transfer.

Step 4. Start Syncing

Now tap on the "Sync" button and you'll have your work done.

Sync Music


Both methods mentioned above are convenient. You can choose either one you like in accordance with your demand. If you don't want to lose any music on your iPhone, then TuneFab WeTrans is the best choice for you. If you don't mind the previous music on your iPhone, then sync music from iTunes to iPhone is not bad. Comparatively, TuneFab WeTrans can also transfer music from computer to iPhone 6/7/8/X without any restriction, and it is able to sync music between iPhone and iPhone or other iOS devices. Accordingly, TuneFab WeTrans may work better in data transferring.

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