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How to Put Music on iPod Shuffle

By Claire Wilson

March 13, 2019

iPod shuffle attracts many music lovers with its portability, large battery life, and excellent sound quality. As it becomes more and more popular, a question is frequently asked: how to download music to iPod shuffle. This post is an ultimate guide on how to put local music to iPod shuffle. Just follow the steps and you'll able to put music on iPod shuffle easily.

How to Put Music on iPod Shuffle with iTunes

iTunes now is not only for Mac but also compatible on Windows system, so the transferring process would be convenient for all of the users. The following steps will help you handle the skill in a short time. Let's move on!

Step 1. Download/Upgrade the Latest Version of iTunes

If you don't have an iTunes on your computer, go to the official website of Apple to download iTunes. If you have already downloaded one, just upgrade it to the latest version. When it is done, launch iTunes.

Note: Once you syncing music with iTunes, the previous data on iPod shuffle will be erased and replaced by the new songs. So you'd better keep the songs in iTunes Library or they can't be find after you finish the transferring process.

Step 2. Connect iPod Shuffle to Computer

Connect iPod shuffle to your computer with the cable. After a few seconds the iPod icon will appear on the top left part under the menu bar, and then click the icon. Click on the icon, then you will enter the interface like this.

iPod Shuflle Main Interface in iTunes

Step 3. Sync Music to iPod Shuffle

Click "Music" option in the "Settings" categories. On the right side of the interface, tick "Sync Music" and then there are two options for you:

#1. Sync Entire Music Library

If you choose to put the entire music library on iTunes to iPod shuffle, then tick in this check box. Next, click the "Apply" button at the lower right part of the interface.

#2. Sync Selected Songs

If you want to add a few songs to iPod shuffle, just check the second option, after which you are free to pick up the songs that you are fond of and transfer them to iPod shuffle. After the selection, click "Apply". The songs on iTunes Library are divided into three major sections: Playlists, Albums, Artists—you can easily find out what you need from them.

Sync iPod Selected Songs

In a word, no matter you want to download music from iTunes to iPod shuffle directly or transfer music from computer to iPod shuffle, as long as you follow the guides provided above, it must be easy for you to get it done. Just go and enjoy music!

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