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Best iPhone Ringtone Maker: Easily Make Ringtones for iPhone

By Zoe Clarke

October 08, 2018

Want to change your iPhone ringtone and make it more personalized? Want to make your personal iPhone ringtone with favorite Apple Music song? All you need to get is an iPhone ringtone maker. In this guide, we will introduce two iPhone ringtone makers which will help you make M4R ringtone easily for your iPhone 5/6/7/8/X.


Part 1. Make iPhone Ringtone without iTunes – TuneFab WeTrans

TuneFab WeTrans is not only an iOS data transfer, but also an iPhone ringtone maker. It can make iPhone ringtone from any song you like, such as iTunes purchased songs, CD songs, etc. There are two ways for you to add music to TuneFab WeTrans: adding files from iOS device and adding files from PC. Most importantly, it can create M4R ringtone directly after conversion. The following part will show you how to make iPhone ringtone with TuneFab Ringtone Maker.

Step 1. Launch TuneFab WeTrans on PC

Download, install and then launch TuneFab WeTrans on PC.

Step 2. Choose "Toolbox" from Main Interface

When the software is launched successfully, go to "Toolbox" and select "Ringtone Maker".

Ringtone Maker

Step 3. Select A Song As Ringtone

You can create an iPhone ringtone with a song from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you want to make iPhone ringtone with this method, you need to connect your device to PC first. When the device is successfully connected, you can select "Ringtone Maker" and choose "Add file from device". Then you can select a song from your iPhone and make it as your ringtone.

Add Files from Device

If you want to make a ringtone with the song from your computer, simply click on "Add file from PC".

Step 4. Customize iPhone Ringtone

When the song is added into the program, you can select and cut any part you like for saving as your iPhone ringtone. You can decide the starting and ending point of the ringtone. And you can decide the length of your iPhone ringtone. When all is set, click on "Generate" to create your iPhone ringtone.

Customize iPhone Ringtone

Step 5. Add Ringtone to iPhone

Please select "Add to device" option before generating the iPhone ringtone, by doing so the ringtone will be automatically added into your iPhone when the ringtone is created.

If you want to make Apple Music as iPhone ringtone, you might need to remove DRM protection from Apple Music first, then you use TuneFab WeTrans to set Apple Music song as iPhone ringtone.

Part 2. Make iPhone Ringtone with iTunes – iTunes Ringtone Maker

Step 1. Launch iTunes and choose the song that you want to set as iPhone ringtone.

Step 2. Right click at the song, and then choose "Song Info" from the drop-down list. You will see a pop-up window as below. Choose "Options" tab and then set the starting time and ending time for the ringtone. After that, click on "OK".

Note: Please note Apple limits the ringtone files to 40 seconds. You can set your ringtone as 30 seconds or below that length. If your ringtone is longer than 40 seconds, then it cannot be synced to an iOS device via iTunes.

iTunes Ringtone Maker

Step 3. Now go back to iTunes library and then select the song you just edited. Go to "File" > "Convert" > "Create AAC version" from the drop-down menu.

Convert to AAC Format

Step 4. Then right click at the song you just converted to AAC format in iTunes, and select "Show in Windows Explorer". After that, rename the file type from .m4a to .m4r,

Show in Windows Explorer

Step 5. Now you can start adding the .m4r ringtone to your iPhone. First, connect your iPhone to your PC with the USB cable. Then select the iPhone icon in the upper-left-corner. Go to the "Summary" section and scroll down to "Options" tab. Find out "Manually manage music and videos" and check the box next to it then click "Apply".

Manage Music and Video

Step 6. Now you can drag the .m4r file into the Tones tab under "On My Device", the ringtone will be automatically sync with your iPhone. Or you can click on "Sync" to sync ringtone to your iPhone.

Part 3. How to Set Customized Ringtone on iPhone and Android


When you add your personalized ringtone to your iPhone, you can follow the steps here to set it as your regular ringtone.

Go to "Settings" > "Sound" > "Ringtone" on your iPhone and then select the ringtone you've created. You can find it from the ringtone list.


Step 1. Open "Settings" and then select "Sound" > "Phone ringtone".

Step 2. Tap the custom ringtone you've added to the ringtones folder. And click "Save".

Step 3. If you want to apply a custom ringtone to a contact, you can open "Contacts" and then choose the contact you would like to set a custom ringtone for. After that, click on the three-dot menu and then tap "Set ringtone".

Step 4. Now you can select the custom ringtone from the ringtone list. Finally click on "Save" to finish ringtone setting.

Is this post helpful to you? Do you know how to make iPhone ringtone with both TuneFab WeTrans and iTunes? If you have any question about making iPhone ringtone, leave you message in the comment below!

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