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Amazon Prime Music vs Spotify? Which Is Your Best Option?

By Iris Holmes

February 05, 2018

Listening to Music is inevitable tendency all around the world. Many services and streaming music are emerged in endlessly way. Amazon Prime Music, Spotify Music, Apple Music, Pandora Music and the like are waving to you. They claimed that they are awesome and the best choice of all the services. Whereas confronted with lots of dazzling Music services, such as Amazon Prime Music and Spotify Music, you may be confused to which kinds of music services you are certain to choose on earth. So here you have the opportunity to know the difference between Amazon Prime Music & Spotify and after that, you can make your own choices.

What are the difference between the two music streaming services?

There are a lot of difference between Amazon Prime Music and Spotify Music. I want to show you some visual difference between the two to you. In order to show you the visualized difference, I put it into a chart, which you can directly get to know about the two.


Amazon Prime Music



No concrete time by the Amazon

23 April 2006 in Sweden


From $79 to $99 per years

Approximately $119 per year with no-ads.

Music Library

Over millions of Songs

More Than 30 Million Songs


Showing corresponding lyric by the X-ray function and rolling


Compatibility with Platforms

iPhone & iPad, Android Phones & Tables, Mac & PC, Echo, Web, automotive, Fire TV & tables as well as home entertainment.

Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Individual, Family, and student.

Free-ad, Student, Individual, Family.



For the Free trial, there have.

About Songs

Some songs didnt free to listen

All the music tracks are available to listen


Alexa A.I. assistant



No concrete numbers of the users.

140 million active users and  60 million paying subscribers


30 days

30 days



Free-ad membership doesn't support.

Anything should be known

Bundled services, such as Amazon Instant video, Kindle Lending Library, and free two-day shopping

They have digital rights management-protected contents.

Well, there is still one difference between the two. That is the playlists. Spotify Music allows you add your favorite songs to your playlists and create your own playlists which suits your tastes. This kinds of selection is Amazon Prime Music can not offer.

Also, you may likely to found out that the Spotify Music is protected by the digital rights management. You may wonder how can you unlocked the digital rights of your Spotify Music and without breaking the original quality. Here are I recommend the program which you can breaking the digital rights of your Spotify Music by recording your music into the formal music format. That is TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will assist you with converting your Spotify Music to common file format, like MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC without any complicated operation within several minutes with batches. It allow you enjoying your Spotify Music on whatever device in anytime anywhere. Here is the guidance you will know about it.

How Can Users Convert Spotify Music to MP3 Format

Video Tutorial: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

From the above, I am sure that you have already to know the difference between the Amazon Prime Music and Spotify Music, and clear about which program you are want to select. Hope you can select the one you prefer to and enjoy your wonderful music times.

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