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TuneFab Spotify Music Converter supports the 5x acceleration of the conversion and downloading of the tracks without quality loss and also saves original ID3-tags and other metadata, such as artist name, album art, track name, and its duration. Read More >>



It is an outstanding tool which can rip music from Spotify without paying for the Spotify Premium subscription. Simply put, you can download music through this app even though you are just a Spotify Free user. Let’s dig more about the feature of this tool. Read More >>



TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can convert Spotify music including songs, albums and playlists from Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC formats so that you are free to listen Spotify offline. Read More>>



If you are looking for a piece of softwarwe that can download DRM-free Spotify Music, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will be the best option. With a user-friendly interface and well-designed functions, you will be able to get whatever Spotify songs you like in the format of MP3. Read More>>



Thanks to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, users who use different computer systems can listen to and download Spotify songs even if he or she is not the free or premium member. All Spotify users can enjoy music offline on any device. Nice product and worth a try.

Mac Informer


Happy Users

by leahafer74


Thanking for a great product

Hello, I just wanted to send an email thanking you for a great converter software for Spotify. I’ve had it for three months I believe and it works wonderful. Thanks, Lea

by ezza


Works fine

Been using for a solid week, works as advertised, no problems, Downloading 320kbps @ 44.1 kHz

by Mcafeee Activates


Resolve technical issues by Mcafee activate

McAfee antivirus software prevents the various systems like PCs or Laptops from viruses, malware, data breaches which are caused by cyber attacks through the internet, and if you have any issues related to the antivirus then contact McAfee Activate to get an instant solution.

by Jack Stone


Not really what it claim...

It work... but it does not really download the song from Spotify, it kind of rip it in some way and the output audio quality is worst than the original on Spotify or an MP3 from the album... The audio is not "bad" but not as good as the original and the main reason I use Spotify is for the high quality audio. This tool would have been very nice if it would be able to download the song in a bit perfect version.

by Pablo


Solo 3 Minutos

Las conversiones desde cualquier tema musical desde Spotify este programa convierte la música si, pero solamente convierte tres minutos solamente de cualquier pista musical, si la canción supera ese lapso lo corta! Deberían corregir eso.

by Vincenzo


TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Programma buono, ma NON ottimo! Ho valutato le differenze del suono, registrando semplicemente il flusso audio e scaricando la stessa canzone con la stessa qualità con questo programma TuneFab, ma la differenza si sente tutta, porca miseria! Il bello è che si paga pure senza ottenere la qualità desiderata! Mentre registrando il flusso audio con un programma free, è completamente un'altra qualità, ed è tutto Gratis! Da rivedere e Migliorare molti aspetti di qualità del suono, perché ancora non ci siamo alla qualità ottimale!

by Iona Palomino


A lo convertidor me gusta :)

A lo convertidor me gusta proque puedo escuchar música fuera de línea. Suelo escuchar música de Spotify cuando trabajo. A veces, no hay internet, pero TuneFab Spotify Music Converter resuelve mi problema. Escuchando música ahora. ¡Muchas gracias, TuneFab!

by Lois Widener


Enjoy Spotify Music with USB

My phone is running out of Space and I have to newly purchase a USB drive which can insert to my phone. Then I can still enjoy Spotify Music even there is no Spotify app installed on my phone. And TuneFab Spotify Music Converter helps me with downloading the music so that I can put it into my USB and insert it to my phone. Not bad!

by Katie Hailey


Allow Me to Enjoy Spotify Music on Airplane Mode.

Due to the music quality, so I choose Spotify Music for my music app. However, it is hard to download the music since I am the free user. And I love to listen to Spotify Music even though my phone is in the airplane mode. So TuneFab Spotify Music Converter helps me a lot and let me enjoying Spotify at any time. Thank you, my dear, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

by Augustine


Not perfect but very helpful

这个软件功能性强,但是就是有些bug,比如说转换的时候Spotify的窗口老要弹出到屏幕顶层,然后容易出现‘未知错误’。??不过都只需要再点一次转换就可以了。这次我遇到的问题是在以任意方式添加歌曲的时候,都显示网路错误,而且当我一次性加入很多首歌歌时,提示我网路错误的窗口弹出的数量与加入的歌的数量相同,关闭了很多次才回到了普通的界面。。 总而言之这款软件还有很多值得完善的地方,希望团队能加快更新速度,给我们更好的体验,拜托了!。

by Paul


Error when converting

I can import songs or playlists and add them. When I convert, Spotify pops up momentarily then closes and conversion says play error before moving to next track and doing the same. Help!

by Alexandra McMahon


My Professional Spotify Music Downloader

I love listening to music on Spotify but I cannot listen to the songs without network because I am a free user. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter really helps me out! After downloading the Spotify songs as MP3, I can listen to Spotify Music for offline playback. Fantastic!

by Isaac Phillips


Perfect software for Spotify fans!! Love it!

With this amazing TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, I can keep my favorite playlists of Spotify Music once and for all. I love the design of setting Bit rate, Sample rate for each song so much!

by Edward Lee


Great Converter for Spotify!

Actually, it is a great converter! I can use this converter to convert Spotify to my favorite format MP3 with all ID3 tags and metadata preserved! Nice!

by Taylor Jones


A Great Tool for My Party!

Sometimes I dream of using some Spotify music when holding a party. However, Spotify is not allowed to download for I am just a free member until I met TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Now I can convert it to MP3 format and play it on my party!

by Eric Smith



I am fastidious music fans for music quality. I enjoy the Spotify and crazy about seeking the way to download it. When I met TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, it surprises me a lot for it did provide the quality when I listening to Spotify app.

by Christopher Miller


5-Star Software, Highly Recommended!

Once, I need to insert my Spotify music to my Powerpoint presentation and I am just the free member of Spotify. I was helpless unless my friend told me to try TuneFab Music Converter. So I try it and it did convert to MP3 format! Now I keep using it for the upgraded enjoyment of Spotify Music.

by Randy Clinton


Awesome Spotify Music Converter!

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the most awesome Spotify Music Converter I have used. It helps me convert all my favorite album from Spotify with fast speed & high quality. All the metadata information are perfectly maintained so that I won’t worry about the quality. Awesome!

by Barton Williams



I was searching for the Spotify Music Converter for a long time. When I happened to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, I knew it was for me. It helps me not only download the music but also save as my favorite format, FLAC. Excellent!

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