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Media Reviews

This is a professional and stable screen recorder. It can assist you in capturing the videos and audio tracks which are incapable of downloading from the website and playing back to your computer. You are worth having it! 



TuneFab Screen Recorder is a convenient software to capture some popular downloaded videos and audios on your computer so that you can enjoy them without any limitation. Enjoy your videos and audios with this recorder!

Mac Informer


An inventive tool that enables users to easily record video and/or audio with a few clicks of a button. Computer users of any background would be comfortable using this application. Highly Recommended! Read More>>



Happy Users

by omnilink


cool recorder

one of the best recorders i have used so far i am astonished by the recording quality super duper sweeeeeeeet. i am amazed by the fact that we can edit our videos so easily rather than visiting web sites for different purposes.i love this recorder and will be hopeful for its further development in the future

by Edward Smith


My Friends say it is useful!

My friends ask me to introduce a Screen Recorder to him and I search on the Internet and find out this TuneFab Screen Recorder and send to him. After using it, he told me that it really helpful for him. Thank you so much for making this excellent software!!

by Maria Phillips



With this amazing Screen Recorder, I can keep my videos and audios downloaded with several steps without waiting for long times. When recording, I can still watch it! Amazing!

by Christal McMahon


My Professional Music Downloader

I used to listen to music on Spotify, however, I need to listen it with network and forbid to download. TuneFab Screen Recorder really helps me! Now I can listen to Spotify Music and also record it for offline playback. Awesome!

by Estelle Austin


A Great Tool for My Learning

Sometimes I have to do some part-time jobs and fail to catch up with my tutoring class, thus I can ask my teacher to record the lesson for me so that I can listen to the lesson rather than miss it. What A Great and Warm Recorder!

by Charles Scott


A Powerful Audio Recorder!

All the video and Music from my website are now kept on my computer as well as on my USB. You may want to ask me how to make it and I am going to tell you that I have A powerful magic trick, that is TuneFab Screen Recorder.

by Christ Miller


Super easy and stable!

I want to share my video lesson which is forbidden to download and share to my friends and TuneFab Screen Recorder catches my sight, so I try it to record some videos to him and sent him with Email. Yeah, I made it!

by Joseph Williams


Awesome Recorder!

How longing I am dreaming of saving All my YouTube videos down! Thanks, TuneFab Screen Recorder! I can save all the YouTube videos to my USB Flash Drive now. I'm loving it!!!!

by Irving Brown


Good Recorder!

Using a great number of recorders, I finally find what I want. It is a handy and simple recorder which I want for a long time! With it, I can operate with several steps and then I can get the videos and audio of what I want!

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