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+Q1. What's the limitation of Free Trial version?

The Free Trial version of TuneFab Screen Recorder only lets you save 3 minutes of your recording. If you want to keep the complete audio/video recording file, then you need to buy the software and get it registered.

+Q2. I received a warning shows "The registration code is invalid" and gave me the Error Code 4104. How to fix it?

If you change or reinstall your computer, there will be Error 4104. If you use one license more than one computer, there will be Error 4104, too.


1) If you receive the Error 4101 message after reinstalling your computer operating system, we can reset the code to make it work.

2) If you want to use this program on a new computer, we can reset the code for you. But after resetting, the code will be invalid on the old computer.

3) If you want to use the program on two computers, then you need to purchase one more license. And as this situation, we can provide discount for you for the second license.

+Q3. I was told that the "Pause and Stop hotkey has been occupied". How to replace the hotkeys?

Under this circumstance, you may have other program with the same hotkeys on your computer. To solve that, please go to "Menu" > "Preference" > "Shortcuts" to modify the default hotkeys. You can use any other keys on your keyboard to replace the former hotkey.

+Q4. How to change the language of TuneFab Screen Recorder?

Up to now, TuneFab Screen Recorder supports 4 different languages: English, German, Japanese, and French. If you want to change the default language, you can click the “Menu” > “Language” on the up-right corner of the main interface and then select the one you need.

+Q5. How to get higher volume of the audio?

The volume of the recorded audio depends on the volume of the audio playback.

1) You can adjust the volume of the audio higher on it player when you record videos and songs.

2) You can increase the volume of computer audio system.

3) You can adjust the volume of your microphone when record your own voice.

+Q6. Can I change the style of the cursor?

This program allows you to highlight the cursor movement and the click to make your operation easier to track. But you can only customize the color of the cursor, as there is only one style built-in in software.

+Q7. How to make screenshots in Screen Recorder?

There are two methods to make screenshots in TuneFab Screen Recorder:

1) Take the screenshots during the process of recording: Just enter the hotkeys to take screenshots. If you don’t know what are the hotkeys, go to "Menu" > "Preference" > "Shortcuts" to check your hotkeys. You can also change the hotkeys here to the one you like.

2) Take the screenshots in the preview window: click the “Screenshot” icon when you preview the recording after finishing the recording.

+Q8. Can the program end the recording automatically?

Yes. To do that, you need to find the "Alarm" icon on the main interface and set the end time in the pop-up window. Then, this program will automatically end the recording when the time comes.

+Q9. Where are my recordings saved?

You can go to "Menu" > "Preference" > "General" to see the default output location of your recording. You can also change the location if you don't like the default one.

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