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How to Play Region 2 DVDs Effortlessly

By Vicky Lewis

July 01, 2018

Competition for a convenient DVD watching places importance on the cracking and releasing of region 2 DVD. This is a necessary step to consider if you want to play region 2 DVDs effortlessly. But take it easy. There are several ways to achieve a smooth region 2 DVD playback. Prior to it, let's first brief you on the special region 2 DVD for detail.


Part 1. What's Region 2 DVD

To start with, be clear that region 2 DVD is special in the restricted DVD region code, a kind of digital rights management designed to protect copyright holders(like film distributors and television companies)' right and profit by encrypting the digital content.

Generally, one code, a combination of codes (multi-region), every code (all region) are three types of region code involved. In this respect, region 2 DVD belongs to a combination of codes which receive access to Europe, Egypt, West Asia, Japan, South Africa, Greenland, and French Guiana. That means the normal entrance to region 2 DVD is a DVD player produced by these countries.

Region Code

Seemingly, it's somewhat not a clever way to purchase a specific region 2 DVD player in case that you happen to have DVDs in other region codes at hand. In terms of it, there are some nice tips equal to the occasion for your consideration.

Part 2. Clever Tips to Play Region 2 DVD in Other Countries

How to play region 2 DVD in other countries? You might look into these clever tips.

1. Buy a region-free DVD player

Definitely, a region-free DVD player is the most effort-saving way to watch region-coded DVD. Just select and purchase one online, and you will be surprised to find that it can bypass any region code restrictions including region 2 without any effort. Yet, the price varies inversely with its convenience. It is quite expensive that please calculate if you have enough to go around.

2. Change the region of your computer DVD drive.

Another feasible way is to change the region of your computer DVD drive. You can go on this: "My Computer" > "Properties" > "Hardware" > "Properties" > "DVD Region", and then decide the region to your need. But please remember that you only have 5 chances to do the change. The last move will decide the final region in which your drive should be.

3. Copy region 2 DVD disc to a blank and region-free DVD disc

This requires a DVD copy software which will break the region code protection so you can play it universally. But I don't quite recommend this method as you need to prepare certain DVD discs to hold them. But if you want to share your favorites with family and friends, this can be a nice way to back up the DVD content.

4. Rip region codes protection from DVD

Similarly, it works out with a DVD ripper software by eradicating the obstacle of region codes. Pleasantly, after region code ripping, the DVD content can be saved in video format on your PC and mobile device discarding the inconvenience of carrying the disc. Therefore, you can have a great time watching favorite DVD at any time and anywhere. Given its availability, the next part will offer you more details.

Part 3. Work Out Region 2 DVD Matter Easily With This Amazing Software

This part aims at playing region 2 DVD effortlessly with an excellent DVD ripper software, TuneFab DVD Ripper. It allows users to rip region 2 DVD to more than 300 formats for you choose. You can decide to save DVD to videos in MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV and etc. or to clip and extract certain audio period in MP3, AAC, WMA and so on for other amusement. Plus, it is designed user-friendly that each of you is able to arrive at the ripping process of region 2 DVD quickly.

[Tips] Step by step to rip region 2 DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper

Step 1. Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Download and install TuneFab DVD Ripper. You can first have a free chance by clicking "Try it Free". This only allows you to rip 5 minutes of region 2 DVD. For more, go on to purchase the product.

Step 2. Insert Region 2 DVD Disc

Then insert the disc into your computer drive and wait for loading up.

Step 3. Load Region 2 DVD Disc to the Software

Run TuneFab DVD Ripper. Click "Load DVD Disc" and select the region 2 DVD disc file.

Load Disc

Step 4. Select the Output Format

After loading well, click "Profile" bar to select the output format for region 2 DVD. Or you can click "Settings" for some other tiny changes.

[Note] If you want to convert and save certain part, go to "Clip" to decide it.

Adjust your Output Settings

Step 5. Rip Region 2 DVD to Common Video & Audio

All set, return to the main page. Click "Convert" and the software will start to rip region 2 DVD to the set video or audio format.

Click to Convert

After conversion, you can go to the output file to find the ripping results. This time, you can easily play region 2 DVD without any difficulty, or you can share it with your family and friends. Then it comes to the end of this tutorial. We're great that the ways we offer can help you manage to play region 2 DVD at your will. If you love this way to play region 2 DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper, please go and share with your friend.

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