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How to Rip Netflix DVD Movies to MP4 Easily

By Tony Moton

October 19 , 2018

Do you like to rent DVD movies online? Now, most people would like to rent DVD movies rather than buying DVD movies as online DVD rental services are really easy and convenient.What's more, renting DVD movies online is a great way to watch thousands of DVD movies with less payment. Netflix is one of the best and most popular online DVD rentals sites which has a massive library of exclusive and original contents, offers an easy-to-use interface. But you can't watch these DVD movies after returning them. Then how to watch Netflix DVD movies again and again without paying more? Well, you can rip Netflix DVD movies to MP4 and then save them on your computer or smartphone.


Part 1. Brief Introduction of Netflix

Netflix is an American entertainment company which provides DVD sales and rentals. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997 in California and expanded its business with the introduction of streaming media in 2007. Now Netflix services operated in over 190 countries and has 117.58 million paying subscribers worldwide.

Netflix allows you to watch TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere. Subscribers can rent 1-3 discs at a time and keep the delivered DVD as long as you like as , there are no due dates or late fees for DVD rental. To rent DVD on Netflix, you need to sign up an account to access to DVD plans. You can choose to pay $7.99 a moth for renting one DVD disc at a time, $11.99 for two DVD discs or $15.99 for three DVD discs. Then browse and add the DVD discs you plan to rent to the queue. Netflix will send the DVD discs you choose in about 1 business day. When you return the DVD discs in prepaid envelope, then the next available DVD disc will be on the way to you.

Netflix Movies

Part 2. Netflix Top DVD Movies

Considering that you may not know which DVD disc to rent as there are so many choices in Netflix, so I'd like to recommend Netflix top 10 DVD movies to you.

1. Wonder Woman 

2. Christmas Inheritance

3. Kong: Skull Island 

4. The Canal 

5. John Wick: Chapter 

6. The Babadook 

7. Logan 

8 The Nightmare

9. Beauty and the Beast 

10. Back to Christmas

Netflix DVD Movies

Part 3. Top 10 Sites Like Netflix

Netflix is popular among people. According to the statistics, one out of every four American households has a Netflix account. However, you may find that some current seasons of TV shows are not available on Netflix. Actually, except for Netflix, there are plenty of sits providing DVD rentals. Here are the top 10 sits like Netflix where you can rent DVD discs.

1. Amazon Prime

2. Hallmark

3. Hulu Plus

4. Redbox

5. Blockbuster

6. Crunchyroll

7. Vudu

8. Kidoodle.TV

9. Crackle

10. CinemaNow

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Part 4. How to Rip Netflix DVD Movies to MP4 Easily

No matter renting DVD discs from Netflix or other sits like Netflix, you can't have them forever. Besides, DVD discs have strict copy-protections, so if you want to watch these DVD movies anytime and anywhere, then you can rip Netflix DVD movies to MP4 by making use of a powerful DVD ripper like TuneFab DVD Ripper.

TuneFab DVD Ripper is designed to convert DVD movies to more than 300 formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MP3, etc. and backup them to PC folders easily with up to 6X faster ripping speed. Besides, you are allowed to edit the DVD movies with some special effects including the 3D settings, brightness and saturation and you can easily rip DVDs with chapters/titles. It can also help you preserve the original audio tracks and subtitles in your need. Then how to copy Netflix DVD movies to MP4? So easy! Just follow the below steps.

Step 1. Download and register the Program

At the beginning, click the download button below to download TuneFab DVD Ripper.

Then install it on your PC. Once you launch the program, a pop-up window will show up as below. As a trial version user, you can only convert no more than 5 minutes of the DVD files. Therefore in order to convert the whole DVD files, you need to purchase and register this program.

Then how to Register?

Click the "Purchase" button to purchase the program >> Receive registration code >> Enter the registration code and e-mail address on the pop-up window >> Click the "Register" button.


Step 2. Load DVD Files

Insert the DVD you rented from Netflix into your computer DVD driver, then click the "Load Disc" button to load your DVD contents.

Load DVD Files

Step 3. Edit DVD Videos (Optional)

It's an optional step, if you don't want to change the DVD movies then skip to the next step. But if you want to add some special effects to the DVD movies, then there are three options for you including clipping, adding 3D effect and editing choice such as rotating, setting crop area size and adding watermark. You can edit the DVD movies in your preference by clicking the options on the top of the interface.

Adding Watermark

Step 4. Adjust Output Settings

To select MP4 as the output format, you need to click "Profile" on the bottom of the main interface, then you can choose MP4 from the menu. But you can also choose other formats as you like.

Select Output format

Beside, you can change your output folder by clicking "General" option on the "Preference interface, then "Browse" button to change Output Folder as you like.

Change Output Folder

Step 5. Start Converting

After all is settled, you can click the "Convert" button on the bottom right corner to convert. The conversion will be completed within a few minutes, then you can find the converted videos on the destination folder.

Finish Converting

Done! After converting, you can transfer the converted videos to your iPhone, tablet or other devices which can support MP4 files so that you can watch DVD movies anytime and anywhere. It's easy to rip Netflix DVD movies to MP4 with TuneFab DVD Ripper. In fact, it can also rip DVD Chapters into Individual Files, so just download this powerful program right now.

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