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How to Rip Movies from DVD with Few Steps

By Tony Moton

April 26, 2018

Nowadays, ripping movies from DVD is in increasing demand because most of people want information and resource at their fingertrips. Thus, as a DVD collector, in the consideration of convenience and preserving movie contents, you may do anything to rip movies from DVD. To be honest, it is not hard to rip videos or movies from DVD. There are many programs in the market used to rip movies in a breeze. What is the best DVD ripper and how to rip movies from DVD? You may find an answer in the following article.


Part 1. Brief Introduction to the TuneFab DVD Ripper

As for ripping movies from DVD, I would like to highly recommend you TuneFab DVD Ripper. TuneFab DVD Ripper is an excellent program for ripping movies from DVD, which enables you to convert the DVD movies to common MP4, MOV, MP3 formats with just few steps and you can backup DVD to PC folders easily. This program gets several amazing features as follow:

• Convert all DVD movies into more than 300 formats;

• Get the movies with up to 6X faster speed;

• Edit the DVD movie with special effects quickly and easily;

• Preview the edit contents;

• Select audio tracks and subtitles;

• Update the ripping version after connecting with Internet.

Part 2. How to Rip Movies from DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper

Step 1. Install and Launch the TuneFab DVD Ripper

Go to our official website, click the "Try It Free" button to download the progarm, then install the program in your PC. After the installation is finished, run the TuneFab DVD Ripper.

Step 2. Upload Disc/DVD Folder/IFO Files

After launching the program, click the "Load Disc" button to upload your DVD contents. If you have other source of files, click the pull-down list to choose your ripping resources.

Load DVD Disc

Step 3. Reset the Output Settings

After finishing reading the DVD contents, select "Profile" on the bottom of the main interface to choose the output format. You can also change the output settings such as Video Settings, Audio Settings or 3D Settigns by clicking the "Settings" button.

Profile Settings

Step 4. Change the Output Folder

On the "Preferences" interface, click "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse" to change your output folder for easy storing the converted files.

Preferences General

Step 5. Convert the DVD

Click the "Convert" button to get your converted files after few clicks. The conversion will be finished within minutes.

Converted DVD Sucessfully

Part 3. Other Features of TuneFab DVD Ripper

The above tutorial is the basic process of ripping movies from DVD, if you want to make your video more professional, perform the special function. One of the amazing features of TuneFab DVD Ripper is the video-editing function, which can improve the output quality of the DVD videos.

Step 1. Clip the DVD Videos

Click "Clip" to revise the starting time and ending time or just enter the point-in-time in below to clip your DVD videos into your favorite parts.


Step 2. Add 3D Effect to DVD Videos

Click the "3D" button to add 3D effect to your videos. There are various options to choose, like Anaglyph, Slide by Slide and Top and Bottom. If you have a 3D device, you can select the compatible 3D effect for your videos.

3D Settings

Step 3. Rotate the DVD Videos

If the video is not right according to the actual visual effects, click the "Edit" and select the "Rotate" button to make it correct. There are 4 options to choose, including Rotate 90 Clockwise, Rotate 90 counterclockwise, Historical flip and Vertical flip.


Step 4. Crop the DVD Videos

Click "Edit" and "Crop" button to set the visual area of your videos. You can adjust the size and position of the crop rectangel to enclose the portion of the video you want to keep or you can enter the crop area size directly.


Step 5. Add Watermark

Click "Edit" and "Crop" button to add the watermark for your videos. After that, you will have a video with your favorite watermark, like your name, time, address and so on.

Add Watermark

TuneFab DVD Ripper is the best choice for you if you want to rip movies from DVD. It is very easy to convert DVD into kinds of video formats. With this program, you can store the converting files in your cellphone or iPad so that you can watch movies or listen to the music whenever and wherever you want. Just with few steps, you can rip movies from DVD easily. Enjoy your movie!

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