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How to Rip Into The Woods DVD to MP4 for Digital Use

By Tony Moton

May 24, 2018

" I bought Into the Woods DVD when it was launched on March 24, 2015. My child loves this movie very much so he plays it again and again. Recently, I have found some scratches on the disc's surface. I am concerned that one day those accumulated scratches will fundamentally damage this expensive and valuable DVD. So can anyone tell me how to better preserve this DVD? Any help would be appreciated."

As digital technology develops rapidly, the best method to well protect a DVD at present is to digitize the disc. In this way, your files can be forever kept in a digital form. You don't need to worry about the problem of breaking a DVD any more. Therefore, read this article to learn how to rip Into The Woods DVD to MP4 for digital use.


Part 1. Things That You Need to Know About Disney Movies DVDs

Into The Woods is a fun, exciting, and catchy movie, made by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was commercially successful and received generally positive reviews. In this movie, a witch tasks a childless baker and his wife with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree.

As a movie produced by Disney, Into The Woods is definitely protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) without exception. Technically speaking, this kind of DRM is called Disney X-project DRM. Every movie filmed by Disney is 100 percent encrypted with this DRM type, protecting its intellectual property from being illegally copied. Therefore, general DVD rippers often fail to convert Disney's movie DVDs.

Thus, you need to know what actually makes Disney X-project DRM so special.

1. An official Disney movie DVD is of 99 titles with a size larger than 40 GB.

2. A DVD drive's life can be shorten if one resorts to a wrong decoding scheme.

3. Common DVD converter will crash when it is ripping the protected Disney movie DVD.

4. Videos ripped by general rippers will be out of order, scrambled or even get stuck in a loop.

Into The Woods

Part 2. Best DVD Ripper to Backup Disney Movie Into the Woods

General DVD converters cannot succeed in converting Disney movie DVD, but please take it easy, there is still a qualified Into the Woods DVD converter that you can rely on. That is TuneFab DVD Ripper. On the one hand, this software easily removes any latest DVD copy protection, including Disney DVD AACS. On the other hand, this Into the Woods DVD ripper specializes in ripping movies to MP4, AVI, MOV and any other commonly-used video formats that are fit for popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, etc. with 1:1 original quality reserved but 6x faster speed.

Now, free download the TuneFab DVD Ripper by clicking on the "Try it Free" button below.

Let get to know how to rip Into The Woods DVD to MP4 for digital use with this software.

Step 1. Import DVD Into the Woods

First, make sure your computer can read DVD and then insert the DVD Disney Into the Woods to your computer. Click "Load Disc" to import the DVD Disney Into the Woods. Besides, you can also load videos from a DVD folder or IFO files if necessary.

Load DVD Disc

Step 2. Choose MP4 As Output Format

Go to "Profile" to choose output format. Over 300 digital formats await your choosing. Select the device brand and pick up MP4 as the final video format. If you wish to adjust video, audio or 3D settings, you click "Settings" to make them possible.

Output Video Format

Step 3. Specify Another Destination Folder (Selective)

The default output folder can be changed to the one that you want. Just go to "Preferences" interface. Tap "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse" to choose the destination folder for saving the ripped Into the Woods.

Preferences General

Step 4. Start to Convert The Video

After all the settings above, back to the main interface and hit "Convert" to start the DVD ripping process. The digital copy of DVD Into the Woods Disney will be exported to the designated folder in a few minutes. When the conversion is done, you have to drag the converted video to your digital device through an USB cable.

Converted DVD Successfully

After reading this tutorial article, now, you can get the Into the Woods DVD Movie and know the best solution (by means of TuneFab DVD Ripper) for ripping DVD movies and to transfer them to your iPad/iPhone/Android or other portable devices on the go. Have a good time! Any ideas? Just contact us!

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