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How to Rip DVD with Desired Subtitles

By Tony Moton

March 09, 2018

When we rip DVD to normal video file, we usually need to keep the subtitles as well. Otherwise, we may miss some important words or misunderstand the meaning of people's words. But, not every DVD ripper on the market can rip DVD to digital video with the original subtitle. So finding a good DVD ripper becomes required for us.

To save your time, we will diretcly share a program to you - that's TuneFab DVD Ripper. This program not only allows you to keep subtitle after ripping process but also enables you to insert your own subtitle files to DVD. And in this post, you can also find a good website to download outside subtitles. Read on below:


Part 1. Follow the Steps to Rip DVD with Desired Subtitles

At first, you need to know what TuneFab DVD Ripper is. As we said before, this program can be your good partner to rip DVD with subtitles. Besides its major function, it also supports over 300 types of video/audio output format, which means you can transfer the DVD to any device for watching. And due to the latest technology, it offers 6X faster conversion speed, so you can finish the DVD ripping faster than before.

The following section will mainly talk about how to use TuneFab DVD Ripper to add proper subtitles. The instruction is very clear and easy.

Step 1. Download TuneFab DVD Ripper

To begin with, you need to download the program on your computer by clicking on the button" Try it Free", which implies that you can have a free version for your own trial experience with this program. The free version have a 30-day time limit. So take good advantage of the free version.

Step 2. Upload Your Disc

Run the program after the installation. You can see the clear interface like below.

Remember to insert your DVD disc to your computer before the ripping process. If you can't find any disc reader on your computer, I guess you have to buy an external disc reader to help the computer to detect the DVD files via a USB cable.

Click on "Load Disc" to import the DVD files.

Load DVD Tracks

Step 3. Choose Subtitles You Like

After you upload the DVD files, you can see a window with all the DVD video available. Information provided for you has the title, the resolution, and the running time of the selected subject.

Window with DVD file

There is a subtitles option. Click on the downwards arrow to choose which subtitles you want to add to the DVD movie.

• If your DVD originally have subtitle provided, the program will smartly sum up in the list for you to choose.

• If the DVD don't have a subtitles file and you have already download the subtitle file, click on the "+" button and go to the file where you save the file. Choose it and hit "OK" to import the subtitles.

TuneFab DVD Ripper is capable of inserting subtitle files of SRT, SSA and ASS format.

Select Subtitles

Step 4. Preview the Subtitles

If you are not sure you are satisfied with the subtitles outcome and want to see how it displays, you can click on the file and move to the preview window to play the DVD video to check the subtitle effect.

Check Subtitles

Step 5. Start Converting

So everything is prepared, now you just hit "Convert" to add the subtitle to the movie.

Click to Convert

Part 2. Where to Download the Movie Subtitles?

It is of no use knowing how to add the subtitles to a movie if you don’t have any subtitle files to add. Besides maybe subtitles of the local language is enough for a native person. But for those who are just a beginner of that language, it becomes much harder for them to fully understand what they are saying becasue of some strange words or cultural slangs. So a bilanguage subtitles will make it much easier to enjoy by matching cultural meanings of both language. Sometimes it can be really fun to know the cultural meanings.

Here is a bonus, YIFY Subtitles, one of the best free subtitle websites providing quality and multiple language subtitle for a wide range of movies. You still can find a subtitle for an old-time movie.

YIFY Subtitles

With a proper subtitles or an acutely translation subtiles, I guess you will experience the fun of watching a movie by knowing the plots and excitedly expecting what is going to happen next. But to do that, you have to download TuneFab DVD Ripper and go to YIFY Subtitle to find the subtitle that matches your movie. Now, you know how to rip your DVD movie with subtitle? Start your own process!

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