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How to Rip DVD to MP4 with Ubuntu

By Tony Moton

March 21, 2019

Most of the tutorials are focused on using software to rip DVDs on a Windows/Mac based computer, but if you are an Ubuntu Linux OS user, how to rip DVD to MP4 or other digital formats? In fact, you have a number of excellent options. My preferred ripping tools are HandBrake and OGMRip. In this article I'll show you how to use these free and awesome tools to rip DVDs with Ubuntu.


Part 1. How to Convert DVD to MP4 with Ubuntu

1.1 HandBrake

When you google HandBrake and do a little reading on it, the general consensus is it does a better job at reading DVDs, and it is quite capable to rip DVDs to MP4 or other common formats. Another nice thing about HandBrake is it's cross-plaform support - it's available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Fedora. In a word, HandBrake has a lot more flexibility but only a few need to be changed to get the best rip possible. Let's take a look at how to use it.

HandBrake in Ubuntu

Step 1. Download and Install HandBrake

Installing HandBrake is easy with Ubuntu. Simply go to the Ubuntu Software Center and search for "HandBrake". Then you will find two HandBrake packages are listed, the first one is a snap package and does not rip DVDs, the second one is what we need. Now you can install it on your computer.

Step 2. Select DVD Source

After installing and launching Handbrake in Ubuntu, insert a DVD into your disc drive. Normally HandBrake starts right away with a file dialog asking what to rip or convert. If that didn't happen, click the "Source" button to have the file dialog appear. Then select your DVD on the left-hand side and click "OK". After a few moments of scanning your DVD, the "Summary" tab will populate with information.

Step 3. Choose MP4 Format

Now you can choose the most common format-MP4 as the output video file by clicking the "Format" dropdown list. Of course, you can select other digital formats.

Step 4. Start Converting DVD to MP4

In the Save As field, name your converted file and choose the location for saving it. Then click "Start" to begin the ripping process.

1.2 OGMRip

Presented for other consideration OGMRip. It has a nice and clean GUI that remains easy while ripping and encoding DVDs. Don't be fooled by the name, it supports a wide variety of formats and codecs, including OGM, MP4, AVI or Matroska files and Vorbis, MP3, PCM, AC3, DTS, AAC, XviD, etc. Here is a four-step process that can help you rip DVD into MP4 with OGMRip.

OGMRip in Ubuntu

Step 1. Install OGMRip

Choose "System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager" to launch Synaptic Package Manager. Then search "ogmrip" and install the OGMRip package. Once you've installed OGMRip, look for it in your menu. You can find it under "Applications > Sound & Video > DVD Encoder OGMRip".

Step 2. Upload DVD Content

To start off, just pop a DVD into your computer's optical drive and fire up OGMRip. Then click the "Load" button, and in the Open DVD Disk window click "Load". Once the DVD is loaded, you can go ahead and rip it or select the chapters that you want to rip.

Step 3. Choose MP4 Format

Select MP4 as an output target from the "Profile" drop-down menu.

Step 4. Rip DVD to MP4

Click the "Extract" button and OGMRip will rip your DVD to MP4 in a few seconds. The ripped file will be found from your Home folder.

Part 2. How to Rip DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac

For Windows/Mac users who want to rip DVD to MP4, more options will be available. After trying a lot of programs: online or install, simple or professional, free or paid. I've had a better experience using TuneFab DVD Ripper.

It brings an extremely simple and fast way to convert ANY (copy-protected) DVD to MP4 and 300+ formats with original quality. In addition, you are able to edit the DVD movie with many special effects and adjust audio parameters to meet different playback requirements.

Here is a how-to guide for ripping DVD to MP4 with TuneFab DVD Ripper.

Step 1. Load DVD Movies

After Free downloading the program, install and run it. Insert DVD into your computer DVD driver and click the "Load Disc" button to load your DVD contents. Also, the program allows you to import DVD Folder and IFO files.

Load DVD Disc

Step 2. Select MP4 Output Format

After loading your DVD files, click the "profile" button to select MP4 as output format. Also, you can click "Settings" for advanced output settings, like Video Settings, Audio Settings or 3D Settings.

Profile Settings

Step 3. Start Ripping DVD to MP4

Before starting ripping DVD to MP4, you can click "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse" from the "Preferences" to change your Output Folder for storing your converted file. Then hit the "Convert" button to get your MP4 file. The conversion will be finished within minutes.

Convert DVD Successfully


Ripping DVDs can make you back up or take portable. To rip DVD to MP4 with Ubuntu, you can use HandBrake  and OGMRip. To rip DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac, I personally recommend TuneFab DVD Ripper as it is really fast, stable and continuously developed.

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