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How to Rip DVD to USB Drive with Ease

By Tony Moton

February 27, 2018

There is no doubt that DVD videos are of high quality, but many people tend to rip DVD to USB drives, bacause they want to play the videos in any devices even without DVD-ROM drive. For example, nowadays, many smart TVs are not equipped with DVD-ROM but have the USB drive. So do many car devices, laptops or other portable equipment. As a result, instead of DVD to store the video contents, most people may prefer to save them into an USB drive. Besides, DVD is also inconvenient to carry and would be easy to damage.

So is there any solutions for ripping DVD videos to USB easily and effecitvely? Certainly. Just keep on reading.


Part 1. Overview of TuneFab DVD Ripper

For ripping DVD videos to USB, first of all, you need to get the videos out of DVD, then convert their format. I suggest you using a third-party program named TuneFab DVD Ripper. This software enables users to convert DVD files to plentiful formats with fast speed, which has the compatibility for both Windows and Mac OS. In addition, it provides a handy platform for you to edit the videos. After ripping DVD videos out of DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can save the videos to USB drive directly.

Highlights of TuneFab DVD Ripper

* Rip DVD videos to 300+ formats;

* Up to 6X faster ripper speed;

* Edit converted DVD videos quickly and easily;

* Preserve original audio tracks and subtitles in your preferences.

Part 2. How to Convert DVD Videos with TuneFab DVD Ripper

Step 1. Open TuneFab DVD Ripper

At first, install and open TuneFab DVD Ripper. And then insert your DVD.

Step 2. Load Disc

Click "Load Disc" button. This DVD to USB converter will automatically recognize your DVD. You can also load DVD Folder or IFO Files by selecting them from the pull-down list.

Load DVD Disc

Step 3. Edit the Videos

Click "Clip", then "3D" or "Edit" button to add edition to the video. You are able to add 3D settings, amend the brightness or other special effects according to your need.


Step 4. Start Converting

Click "Clip", then "3D" or "Edit" button to add edition to the video. You are able to add 3D settings, amend the brightness or other special effects according to your need.


Before converting, you should choose the output profile. Select the suitable output format according to your devices.

Note: You can merge the videos into one. This function is accessible when you are converting a movie, which is devided into two or more part. But if you are converting a series of teleplay or documentary film, skip this step because it will make it inconvenient to select the sections.

Step 5. Import Converted Videos to USB Drive

Before converting, you can insert the USB and select it as the destination folder when you rip DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper. In this way you will directly save the converted videos to USB.

Instead, you can also go to the output folder in "History", then cut and paste the converted videos into your USB.

Part 3. External Hard Drive Used to Save DVD Videos

For saving contents with large size such as movies with high quality, these external hard drives recommended below are also good choice to store the converted DVD videos.

#1. Samsung MU-PA2T0B

Samsung MU-PA2T0B is regarded as the most advanced external hard drive. It enjoys the advantages that it has small size (smaller than a bussiness card) and high transmission speed (which can reach 540Mb/s). But it would be comparatively expensive.

Samsung MU-PA2T0B

#2. Seagate STEL4000 8TB

Seagate STEL4000 was released in 2016. There are two USB interfaces of this hard drive, which make it possible to charge your telephone while transfering the files. What's more, it's special shape can make it stand on your desk.

Seagate Stel4000

#3. Cool-Fish S2-2T

Cool - Fish S2-2T is also highly recommended because it supports wireless file-sharing. In a get-together, you can watch a movie saved in the drive via Wifi-connection with your friends or family members. In addition, you can use it as a router with cable-connecting.

Cool-Fish S2

#4 Sandisk cz50

If you prefer a small USB disk, Sandisk would be your first choice. This USB drive enjoys fast transfering speed and wide compatibility. With Sandisk cz50, you can save lots of your favourite movies ripped from DVD, making it much more convenient for watching these contents.

Sandisk CZ50

Now have you got the solution to rip DVD contents to USB drive? With TuneFab DVD Ripper, this complicated process has become easier. The high-efficiency and guaranteed-quality greatly highlight the program and make it more outstanding. If you are still trying to figure out how to get movies stored in DVD out of it, TuneFab DVD Ripper would be your perfect choice.

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