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Can't Rip DVD to iTunes Library? Fixed It!

By Tony Moton

February 18, 2018

It is always troublesome to rent a DVD or find it if you have the DVD every time when you want to see a movie. So some people are thinking is it feasible to transfer those DVD files to their iTunes libraries so they would be able to organize the files and save the money. Yes it is totally possible. In fact, that is what our team are trying to do and we have developed a program called TuneFab DVD Ripper to help you.

There is something you should know. First, commercial DVDs in the market are usually encrypted to prevent illegal copy. So professional skill is necessarily needed to crack the code in order to transfer those files. Second, iTunes doesn't support any activity regarding ripping DVD. Therefore, you need a bridge to connect these two, in other word, a tool that can convert DVD files to the format that can be detected by iTunes library. And our product TuneFab DVD Ripper is the bridge.

What can you get from this program is more than what you want. DVD original quality is 100% reserved. It provide some basic video-editing and you can add subtitle into the converted DVD. Using it, you also can rip the DVD into formats not only supported by iSO device but also Android's.

Following are the tutorial steps to show you how to use TuneFab DVD Ripper and transfer files to your iTunes library.

How to Rip DVD to iTunes Library

Step 1. Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click the button above to download the program. Free trial with a time limit for up to 5 minutes is provided for your own evaluation. You can purchase it to lift the limitation.

Note:it can both work on Windows and Mac OS.

Step 2. Load DVD Disc

After installation, please run the program. An interface will pop up with the "Load Disc" button on the top left corner. Hit it to load the DVD resource. But before that, you need to insert your DVD to your computer drive.

Loading Disc

Step 3. Customize Your Output File

To change the output format, you need to go the "Profile" section by clicking on the down-arrow in the profile bar.

Click Settings Button

An interface will come up for your format choice. You can move your mouse to the IOS device part to see which format is supported by your iTunes or you Apple device.

Note: The common video formats iTunes supports are MP4, MOV and M4V.

Supported Formats

Hit "Settings" next to the profile bar for more settings, such as 3D effect encoder, frame rate for video; channels, sample rate for audio.


Step 4. Change the Destination Folder

If you don't want to save the converted files on the default folder, hit "Browse" button to open the "General" window to change the location folder.

Change Output Destination

Step 5. Start Converting

After all the preparation, now you can click on "Convert" button to let the program to process the DVD files. After the conversion is done, you can have the decrypted DVD on you PC.

Converting DVD

Step 6. Transfer DVD to iTunes

Since you have the DVD movie converted into the video format that iTunes can support, you are free to copy them to your iTunes library.

Fire up iTunes, click on "File", from whose drag-down menu, choose "Add to Library". A window will show up and go to the file where you keep you converted DVD files. Select those files and hit "Open". After the importation is finished, you can watch your favorite movie on iTunes.

Add File to Library on iTunes

Browsing all the steps, you will realize how little effort it is to convert protected DVD to your iTunes with the help of Edit Your DVDs Videos - several clickings and it is done. It is really simple and easy. If you still have some doubt, try the free trial, as its name implies, it is free and won't cost you anything.

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