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[SOLVED] How to Rip and Convert DVD to AVI

By Tony Moton

February 05, 2018

"I tried this code more than once, but it still not reading my DVDs. My problem is that I live in Brazil, but I came back from holidays in Australia and I cannot play the DVDs that I bought and burned there, so cannot play movies and pictures from my trip! I hate this lock system! It′s not necessary!! If someone knows something that could work, please tell me!"

Have you also encountered such problem when playing DVD? Sometimes it annoys us, particularly because using DVD video has a package of restrictions. Thus, finding ways to convert DVD to common video formats like AIV or MP4 to play seems more efficient and convenient. This article will recommend several online DVD converters for you to rip DVD to AVI or other digital video formats.

Enjoy DVD Picture


Part 1. Why Rip DVD Files to AVI

For example, if you want to enjoy your DVD movies on your way home, you need to play them on your portable devices. Hence, in order to play and enjoy the videos stored in DVD more freely, they need to be ripped to common digital formats. Ripping DVD to MP4, the most common video format, may be a good choice. But sometimes, when a device or media player supports AVI format better, you also want to rip DVD to AVI format.

AVI, audio video interleave, is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft which is widely used by consumers. It is supported in Windows and contains both audio and video contents. What's more, it is compatible with DV format.

Then, how can we rip and convert DVD to AVI format?

Part 2. Top 2 Online Video Rippers to Rip DVD Files to AVI

For some common DVD files without copy encryption, we can just use online video ripper which can be operated totally free without downloading a program to convert them. Here show two rippers to rip DVD files to AVI for your reference.

1., as a widely-used free online converter, can convert and rip your DVD to AVI or other digital video formats. Here are several steps when using it.

Step 1. Click the above link and go to Then tap "Choose Files" to select your DVD files.

Step 2. Choose AVI as your output format and enter your e-mail to receive the converted files.

Step 3. Click "Convert" to convert DVD to AVI.


2. Office Converter

Office Converter is also an online converter for users to easily and conveniently rip DVD to AVI or other video formats. No software installation is needed when using this online converter. The use of this converter is simpler. You just need to go to the website and operate as below.

Step 1. Enter the website, find "Convert to AVI" button and click to rip DVD to AVI.

Step 2. Click "Add Files" to choose your DVD folders and insert DVD into it.

Step 3. Start Conversion by choosing "Start Convert".

Office Converter

Part 3. A Better Choice---TuneFab DVD Ripper

Online DVD Ripper can be a good choice if you need to convert DVD to AVI. But there are weaknesses and restrictions while using it. Firstly, users are not allowed to load DVD disc directly. Secondly, the maximum file size loadable is limited. Thirdly, it may take a long time to convert. And most importantly, it cannot convert DVD files with copy encryption. Thus, there comes a solution TuneFab DVD Ripper to help you better rip and convert both protected and unprotected DVD files to AVI. The tutorials are shown below.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click the below icon "Try it Free" to download it. Then install the ripper based on the instructions.

Note: The free version of it can only allow you to convert at most 5 minutes of DVD videos. If you want to use it to convert DVD permanently, you can purchase it.

Step 2. Load DVD Video into TuneFab DVD Ripper

Open and run TuneFab DVD Ripper. Then click "DVD Disc" on the left of the interface to load DVD Files. Or pull down the list to load DVD Folder or IFO Files according to your need.

Load DVD Files

Step 3. Select your Output Settings

When you have loaded your DVD files, click "Profile" to choose AVI as your output format. Then you can click on "Settings" to adjust video, audio and 3D settings for your files.

Output Settings

Step 4. Alter your Output Folder

Go to "Preferences" > "General" to change your output folder.

Change Output Folder

Step 5. Conversion

Finally, click "Convert" to start conversion. Then you can the contents from DVD in AVI format.

Conduct Conversion

Step 6. Edit your DVDs (Optional)

Video editing functions are one of the most remarkable strengths of TuneFab DVD Ripper. If you want to edit your videos, it will help you enhance the output quality. Several functions is to be shown to you.

1. Set Time of your Videos

Click "Clip" to set the starting time and ending time of your DVD videos.

Set Time for Videos

2. Set the Rotate, Crop or Add 3D Effects and Watermark

Click "Edit" button. You can add 3D effects or watermark to your DVD videos. Still, you can crop or rotate your videos.

Click Edit

Although online DVD converters are free and handy, you would find that they have certain weaknesses and limitations. Thus, a better alternative - TuneFab DVD Ripper is more favorable and easy-to-use. With it, not only can you convert DVD to AVI or other formats at faster speed professionally and freely, but also is able to edit your videos to higher quality. Download the product and have a try!

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