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DVD to Tablet: How to Rip DVD to Android Tablet

By Tony Moton

February 06, 2018

Tasting the sweet convenience an Android tablet brings to you, you would wonder if it is possible to enjoy a DVD movie on your tablet while laying on a cosy bed instead of being stuck to a TV or computer screen. Yes, it is totally possible if you can rip the DVD to your Android tablet. But how to do that? It is where you need TuneFab DVD Ripper.

TuneFab DVD Ripper enables you to rip DVDs to your PC and you can transfer them to any device you want. What's more, it supports 300+ video output formats with up to 6X faster speed. For those who think video quality is a high priority, there is no need to worry since 100% original quality will be reserved. In addition, video-editing is provided.


Part 1. 5 Minutes to Rip DVD to Android Tablet Supported Format

This part will show you how to use TuneFab DVD Ripper to convert DVD video to the format supported by your Android Tablet.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab DVD Ripper

We provide a free trial version to help you experience the basic functions of TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can download it from the icon above. The free version allows you to convert first 5 minutes of the DVD file. If you like it, you can purchase the full version.

Now, you can install this program on your computer and run it.

Note: It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. So remember to hit the right downloading button.

Step 2. Load Disc/ DVD Folder/IFO files

Hit the button "Load Disc" to select your ripping sources in order to import Disc, or folder, or IFO flies.

Note: Please insert DVD disc to your computer via a DVD-ROM driver. If your computer doesn't have one, you might need an external one to insert the DVD via USB cable.

Loading DVD Disc

Step 3. Adjust Your Output Settings

At first, click "Profile" button, a sub-window will show up with various output formats and devices. You can search the specific model of your Android Tablet, or you can directly choose the output format that your Android tablet supported.

Choose Android Tablet Supported Format

Moreover, you can adjust other output settings, like encoder, resolution for video; sample rate and channels for audio, by clicking the "Settings" icon. You can see the picture for more details.

Options for Settings

Step 4. Choose Destination for Output File

"Browse" for another location for your converted DVD if you don't want to put the files on the default destination.

Browse for Destination

Step 5. Click to Convert

If you have finished all the settings as guided, you can click on "Convert" to let the program to do the conversion. Wait for a few minutes. The time it spends depends on the size of the file.

Converting DVD

Part 2. Edit Your DVD - Make Your DVD More Attractive

TuneFab DVD Ripper is as well a handy tool for video polishing. If you would like to add some editings to your DVD video, read the following part.

1. For Clipping Video

Select the video you want to edit and click "clip" to drag the mark to where you want it to start and end. Or just enter the point of starting and ending time below the video.

Drag Mark for Time Clipping

2. For 3D Effect

Click on "Edit" > "Enable 3D Settings". several 3D effects are offered, like Anaglyph, Side by Side (Half-Width/ Full), Top and Bottom (Half-Height/ Full).

Enable 3D Editing

3. For Rotation

Click on "Edit" again and go to "Rotate" section. And you can set the rotation at whatever angel you like.


4. For Area Size Cropping

Hit "Edit" and then "Crop". Adjust the area and there is an output preview for your reference.

Area Size Cropping

5. For Watermark

Go to "Watermark" section. Check the box "Enable Watermark" for your next move. Enter the text or load the picture you like as content and adjust the watermark logo. You can put the watermark on wherever you want by customizing watermark area.


6. For Subtitle

If you have resource for subtitle and you want add it into your video. TuneFab DVD Ripper can do that. Click on the button "+" and choose the subtitle file and add it.

Add Subtitle

Do you think this article is helpful to guide you ripping DVD to Android tablet for watching? Don't hesitate to take a try with TuneFab DVD Ripper and tell us your thought. As we said before, we offer a trial version so you can spend a few minutes to convert your DVD to see the result. Hope this program can help you solve the problem that you cannot play the DVD movies on Android tablet.

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