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How to Rip DVD to Plex Media Server

By Tony Moton

April 05, 2018

It's an inconvenience to DVD collectors that they have to rely on certain devices to watch their favorites. A great idea is to backup DVD files and then to stream them to some media storage stages. Plex Media Server is a nice choice for consideration. Plex gives quick access to watch the streaming media on TV, iPad, computer or phones whether at home or in distant places. However, Plex itself does not embrace the original DVD file. As such, an essential step to promote the beneficial combination is to rip DVD for Plex.


Part 1. Preparation Work to Rip DVD for Plex

To rip DVD for Plex, first we should consider what format we should change DVD into. The original DVD files are in VIDEO_TS format, which is not in the supported list of Plex Media Server because of the copy protection encoded in it. Generally, you are available to get DVD disc, folders and IFO files. You may have tried ripped the DVD before, but if it is still in VIDEO_TS format, then it cannot be received by Plex either.

Consequently, we need to free DVD from VIDEO_TS format to fit Plex Media Server. To achieve it, here we introduce TuneFab DVD Ripper to do the work. This tiny software delves into ripping DVD to multiple video formats MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, etc. to be available on other stages including Plex. It is a worth-trying way to rip DVD for Plex by extracting the audio only from DVD based on the Ripper's ability. Some other editorial moves can be taken to enhance the DVD files with the software. It is also easy to handle the DVD ripping process for Plex.

Part 2. [Tips] Simple Steps to Help Rip DVD for Plex

Step 1. Insert DVD Disc to the Computer Drive

First, insert the DVD disc to the computer drive. An external DVD player helps out for computers in want of drive. If you get DVD folders or IFO files, just move on to the next step.

Step 2. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper

Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper. Double click the software icon to run it. Here you are given a 30-day free trial. But this will limit the DVD ripping time to at most 5 minutes. For superior service, you can purchase and register the product.

Step 3. Load DVD Disc

Click "Load Disc". In the dropdown list, you can decide "Load DVD Disc", "Load DVD Folder" or "Load IFO Files".

Load DVD

Step 4. Arrange Output Settings

Click "Settings". In the dropdown list of "Profile" bar, select one proper format to replace the original VIDEO-TS format. Generally, MP4 is commonly used. After that, you can notice that there are some other parameters on the settings page. You can change them to your need. Remember click "OK" at the bottom to ensure the changes.

Profile Settings

Step 5. Set the Output Folder

Click "Browse" behind the Destination bar. Select the right place to save the output files.

Step 6. Start to Rip DVD for Plex

Click "Convert" and then TuneFab DVD Ripper will quickly rip DVD for Plex Media Server at an admiring 6X faster speed.

Convert DVD To MP4

All that finished, go to the output file to see the results. Now you've successfully ripped DVD for Plex with these simple steps. Then try to stream the ripped DVD content to Plex Media Server and have great fun appreciating them at anytime and anywhere.

PS: It is appreciated that TuneFab DVD Ripper can serve more roles. For example, if you want to seize a certain segment of the DVD video, just come to "Clip" option to make it. "3D" and "Edit" parts will help enhance the video effect if you prefer to self-making favorite product.

[Review]TuneFab DVD Ripper: The Door to Rip DVD for Plex

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