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How to Decrypt Copyrighted DVDs? [Full Tutorial]

By Kelsi Gillan

Updated on September 04, 2020

As online movie streaming services become prevalent these days, you may tend to buy digital movies instead of keeping physical DVD releases. But how to deal with your owned physical DVD collections? Ripping DVDs sounds like a feasible idea.

If you are managing to modernize your physical DVD collections and save them along with your online movie downloads, this article is especially for you. Here, we'll introduce you to a complete guide on how to rip copy protected DVD using a versatile DVD ripper. You can also gain a better understanding on various DVD copy protection technologies.


Part 1. Get to Know Some Common Types of DVD Copy Protection

Many copyrighted DVDs are encrypted to prevent piracy. And this is the main reason that copying a DVD movie to your computer can seem complicated. Some of the copy protections are regular while some are so advanced that you need a really professional DVD ripper to remove the barriers.

Knowing the types of these copy protections can be helpful for you to find a workable solution to decrypt DVDs for personal use. And you will be able to play the DVD file even without a disc drive. In this part, you can get to know some frequently-used DVD copy protections.

1. Region Code

Region code is a class of digital rights management that prevents the use of certain DVDs outside the distributed country or region in order to control the home release of movies and the price. In all, there are 8 DVD region codes. Also, both DVD discs and DVD players can be region coded. It is worth noted that region coded DVDs can only be played on a corresponding DVD player, and vice versa.

DVDs that do not have any regional coding may be labeled Region 0 or All and should play in most DVD players. And some DVD discs can have more than one region number, therefore, they can be played on different players. (More Information: DVD Region Code Unlock)

2. CSS (Content Scramble System)

CSS protection refers to digital rights management (DRM) and encryption system that prevents commercially released DVDs from being pirated. Usually, licensees will be given a secret key to decrypt the feature for smoothly playback on DVD players. (To get rid of CSS protection, you can also check this detailed guide. >> DVD Copy Protection Remover - Decrypt CSS Protection Effortlessly

3. UOP (User Operation Prohibition)

Another form of DVD use restriction is User Operation Prohibition. If DVD content is protected by this feature, users cannot perform any action or make changes when playing this type of content. And the feature is commonly used for copyright notices or warnings.

4. Sony ARccOS Protection

ARccOS, short for Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution, is a copy-protection system that is designed as an additional layer to be worked together with the CSS protection. To prevent users from getting rid of copy protection, the system deliberately creates corrupted sectors which may generate errors when using copying software. However, it won't affect the playback on DVD players.

5. Disney X-Project DRM Protection

Most Disney DVD collectors are familiar with this DRM restriction. And It is known to all that Disney holds strict defense to its brands and serial product. And in terms of the copy protection for Disney DVD, the Disney DVDs are encoded with a unique encryption method that can only be read and played on a particular DVD player also developed by the company. The technology also makes it difficult for most DVD rippers to crack down the protection.

Part 2. Best DVD Rippers to Decrypt Copy Protected DVD

In most cases, the copyrighted DVD discs that you've purchased are added with copy protection in the forms listed above. However, extra expenses for a smooth watching may happen along with the legal purchase of protected DVD content. For most people, it's not economic to prepare a new DVD player for each various protected DVD. From this point of view, you should consider using DVD Ripper to decrypt the protection. And here are two ideal options for ripping copyrighted DVDs.

1.TuneFab DVD Ripper – An Easy-to-use DVD Ripper for Copyrighted DVD

Among all the DVD movie copy software available on the market, TuneFab DVD Ripper earns its position as a powerful and professional yet still simple-to-use program to remove common DVD copy protection for convenient DVD backup.

You are provided with a wide variety of popular video and audio formats to choose from. Your DVD collections can be easily converted to MP4, MPEG2, MKV, AVI, and many other general video formats. What's more, the software even supports lossless conversion. And only a few clicks, you can copy the whole disc as an ISO disc image or local DVD folder (VIDEO-TS folder) with no hassle.

Also, with the support of GPU acceleration technology, ripping DVDs is no longer a tedious process. Your DVD can be transcoded much faster while preserved the best quality, so you can get ideal results when playing the digitalized DVD copy on different devices.

TuneFab DVD Ripper Key Features

* Copy and backup both home-made DVDs and encrypted DVDs

* 6X Faster transcoding speed and keeps a 1:1 quality copy

* Supports 300+ formats and allows customizing transcoding templates

* Excellent editing tools after copying your DVDs

2.Handbrake – Free Application for Removing Regular DVD Copy Protection

Speaking of free DVD ripping software, Handbrake is such a useful tool that you cannot miss out. This popular software is extremely helpful in converting videos from nearly any format. It is also an open-source program that has a large user base who keep contributing many useful add-ons. Not only beginners to video transcoding but also experts can find many basic and advanced options to improve encodes.

However, be aware that the native software cannot handle DVD protections like region code, CSS, or UOP. Luckily, you can separately download a free DVD playback library called libdvdcss to let your Handbrake read and rip encrypted DVDs.

Handbrake Highlights

* Free and open source

* Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux

* Multiple built-in device presets

* Processes most common multimedia files and any unprotected DVD or Blu-ray sources

* Chapter Markers

Rip DVD with HandBrake

Part 3. How to Rip Copy Protected DVD? (3 Quick Steps)

Both TuneFab DVD Ripper and Handbrake perform outstandingly in converting your DVD into compatible formats for any device including iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, and your TV as well.

The following part will walk you through a fairly simple process to rip your copy protected DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper. Follow along with these instructions below, and with only 3 simple steps, you can decrypt your DVD collections. If you are interested in how to rip DVD with Handbrake, just go to this article: How to Convert and Rip DVD with Handbrake?

STEP 0. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper So as to Decrypt DVDs

STEP 1. Load DVD Disc / DVD Folder / DVD ISO

After installing the TuneFab DVD Ripper on your computer, launch the program. Insert the DVD disc to your computer DVD drive. Or you may need the help of an external DVD player.

Now click on the Load DVD button on the top left corner of the main interface. To load DVD Folder or DVD ISO file, just click on the drop-down arrow icon and select the specific content you want to load. You can also drag and release the DVD content to the main interface.

Load DVD Disc

STEP 2. Set up Output Format

If you want to preserve everything on a DVD, the optimum option should be copying the whole disc as an ISO disc image. This can be done by selecting from the drop-down menu right beside the DVD title. And then choose Rip to DVD ISO File.

To rip your DVD content to other formats, find Rip All to the section on the menu bar, and then select Rip to Video/Audio from the drop-down menu.

Rip DVD to…

A new profile preset window will pop up. Here you can choose your desired output format. Besides, it offers different device presets so you can choose based on the device that you are going to play the DVD digital copy.

It is often recommended to copy DVD as an MP4 video for viewing on portable devices like iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphones. And keeping the same resolution and quality as the original DVD movie will also save you more time on conversion.

TuneFab DVD Ripper Profile Presets

If you prefer to customize a new transcoding template for your DVD, click on the gear icon on the right side of each profile, and then you can change different parameters according to your needs.

Edit Profile Settings

After that, your DVD is ready for ripping.

Note: You can also change a different output folder for your ripped DVDs by click the Gear icon on the bottom of the main interface. And then the Preference window will show up. In the Ripper section, you can alter the output folder, snapshot folder, and snapshot format as you like. Besides, you can change the GPU Acceleration setting in the General section.

Preference General Section

STEP 3. Start Ripping Copyrighted DVD to Computer

Click on Rip All right under the main interface to start the conversion. And then, you will see the progress bar running. When the process is over, you will see a Success alert.

Convert DVD Successfully

Besides, TuneFab DVD Ripper also features a handy ID3 tag editor which is convenient for you to add information for your DVD movie. Click the Edit icon right beside the movie title (eg. Title 1), and you will head to the Media Metadata editor.

Metadata Editor

Tips: As it is mentioned before, TuneFab provides some useful editing features enabling you to beautify your converted DVD video. To edit a specific DVD movie, just click on the magic stick icon near the profile icon, then a new window will open and you can find features such as adding filters or watermarks, adding subtitles, and etc. For more details, you can take a look at the TuneFab DVD Ripper User Guide.

Add Watermark


Normal DVD copy protection can be easily deleted with the help of Handbrake. But if you meet with some advanced DVD decryption method, try using a DVD copy protection removal tool like TuneFab DVD Ripper. And rip copy protected DVD will no longer a bothersome.

After turning your copyrighted DVDs into movie files on your computer, you can easily transfer and play them wherever you want. But do remember that you can rip protected DVD for personal use only, and the converted DVDs cannot be used for any commercial purposes.

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