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How to Rip Big Bang Theory DVDs (Season 1 – 11)

By Tony Moton

June 26, 2018

The Big Bang Theory DVDs from season 1 to 11 have been already available on online shopping website, such as Amazon. While for most fans, particularly younger ones, they prefer to enjoy the show on their mobile devices like iPhone/iPad or other Android devices when they hang out for fun or go for work or school. It is impossible for them to carry a DVD palyer all day long but a portable device. So how can we make it possible to watch The Big Bang Theory on our mobile phones? Don't worry, this post will show you an easy way to rip The Big Bang Theory DVDs.


Part 1. Why The Big Bang Theory Show Is So Hot

-"It's expanding ever outward but one day

It will cause the stars to go the other way

Collapsing ever inward, we won't be here, it won't be hurt

Our best and brightest figure that it'll make an even bigger bang!"

I bet you must be familiar with the lyrics and tunes of this theme song, a song of the most popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory was initiated on CBS on September 24, 2007, and the eleventh season premiered on September 25, 2017. The Big Bang Theory has accompanied us for 10 years. Who doesn't love The Big Bang Theory? This popular American sitcom series are about stories among five characters, including four weird, socially clumsy crazy scientists. and their neighbor as well as a pretty waitress and aspiring actress. Focused on these five characters, this sitcom brings many laughter to its audience and fans. And there must be more laughter waiting for us.

Big Bang Theory

Part 2. Best DVD Ripper for Ripping The Big Bang Theory DVDs

The best DVD ripper that I strongly recommend to you is TuneFab DVD Ripper. It is a well-developed DVD ripper which specializes in ripping protected DVD files, including the Big Bang Theory DVDs. You are exposed to over 300 video formats that nearly suit every mobile device. It boasts 6X fast ripping speed and stunning high output quality, allowing you to convert one episode of the Big Bang Theory within several minutes to the format that suits your digital device.

Finish reading the following tutorial.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click on "Try It Free" button to download the program for your Windows or Mac. Make sure you hit the right button to download the version that suits your computer running system before installation.

Step 2. Import the Big Bang Theory DVD Files

You have to ensure that your computer is capable of reading DVDs, otherwise, you need to prepare an external drive.

Insert the DVD. Click on "Load Disc" to add the Big Bang Theory DVD files. The program can read DVD files, DVD folder and IFO files.

Add DVD Movies

Step 3. Choose the Format That Suits Your Device

You can access to more than 300 formats. Choose one format that can be recognized by your device. The popular format is MP4. Besides, you can click "Settings" to adjust Video Settings, Audio Settings or 3D Settings.

Choose An Output Format

Step 4. Change the Destination Folder

On the top right corner of the interface, click "Preferences" > "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse" to change the default output folder. Select another destination folder to store the Big Bang Theory DVD episodes.

Change An Output Folder

Step 5. Start Converting

Once the settings are done, hit "Convert". TuneFab DVD Ripper will start the conversion process for your Big Bang Theory DVD episodes. Every episode will be done within several minutes.

Start Converting

When you finally get all converted Big Bang Theory files in your computer, it is time to transfer them to your digital device with an USB cable. Since then, you can watch the Big Bang Theory anytime and anywhere without carrying a cumbersome DVD player to read those heavy discs. Just let TuneFab DVD Ripper help you and you will find it worthwhile.

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