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How to Remove Region Code from DVD

By Tony Moton

May 28, 2018

When it comes to DVD disks, we all know that there are six region codes standing for six different regions, but none of them are compatible, which means you either change the region code suitable for your country or remove the region code from the DVD. However, none of this two methods are easy to do, but don't worry. If you are reading this, then you are lucky to get four methods at one time. And I strongly recommend the first method, which is remove region code from DVD by TuneFab DVD Ripper.


1. What is DVD Region Code?

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) region code are a digital rights management technique designed to allow film distributors and television companies to control aspects of a release such as content, release date, and price, according to the region.

The region code only allows the DVD to be played on DVD player which has this region code, for instance, region 1 discs can’t be played on the DVD player containing Region 2, region 2 can’t be played on region 3, etc.


There are six region codes in total, and each code stands for specific regions, check this below:

Region 1 -- USA, U.S. Territories and Canada

Region 2 -- Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland

Region 3 -- Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hongkong

Region 4 -- Mexico, South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean

Region 5 -- Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa (excluding South Africa), North Korea, Mongolia

Region 6 -- China

2. How to Remove Region Code from DVD?

Method 1. Remove Region Code by TuneFab DVD Ripper

TuneFab DVD Ripper is a program supporting the conversion of more than 300 different DVD formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. After you convert the DVD file to one of those video formats, it can be played on PC or any other utility.

Compared with other DVD ripper, TuneFab boasts 6X faster speed than any other DVD ripper, meanwhile, when a new version is available, once you connect the Internet, it will update automatically. There are absolutely many other functions waiting for your discover.

*Detailed Tutorial on How to Remove Region Code from DVD by TuneFab DVD Ripper

Step 1. Download and Install the TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click TuneFab DVD Ripper to try it free. After installation, open it and get into the main interface.

TuneFab DVD Ripper Installation

Step 2. Import Your DVD file to TuneFab

Click “Load Disc” to import your DVD files. You can choose the whole folder or the IFO files if you have any.

Load DVD File to 

Step 3. Select Other Format as Output Format (MP4 as example)

As I’ve mentioned before, you can remove the region code by converting the DVD files to other formats, here we use MP4 as an example. You can choose whatever you want.

Select MP4 
as Output Format

Step 4. Convert DVD File to MP4 Format

After all the setting is done, click “Convert” to start conversion for removing the region code. When finished, the DVD file can be played on any video players; therefore, you don’t have to worry about the region code thing.

Convert DVD 
File to MP4 Format

Method 2. Change DVD Drive on PC

Step 1. Open Your Computer;

Step 2. Right Click Your DVD Drive;

Step 3. Click Property;

Step 4. Select the Hardware Tab.

Then select the DVD drive’s property to choose which region you would like to change your DVD file to. There is one thing should be noticed, the times for changing the region code commonly would be 5 times, therefore, once all the 5 times are used up, there is no more chances for changing the region code by this method.

Method 3. Remove Region Code by Free DVD Player

There are several free DVD players available, for example, MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which also provides conversion of different formats. However, it is just suitable for Mac, so what if your system is Windows, it cannot be used on Windows system. But if yours is Mac, it is okay. In a word, some of the free DVD players have limitations.

Method 4. Buy DVD Player Which Supports Playing DVD of Several Region Codes

You can buy those DVD players supporting all region codes or multiple regions, as well as those DVD discs which also support all region codes for convenience, but the thing is it is very expensive for buying one, so it depends on you, whether you can afford it or not.

Okay, above the four methods, I think if you try all of them, then you will be agree with me that the first one -- remove the region code by TuneFab DVD Ripper is the best choice, right? It is the convenient one that you can remove the region code form the DVD, and watch them freely without any limitation. If you are satisfied with TuneFab DVD Ripper, please don’t hesitate to share this useful utility with your friends.

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