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How to Play DVD on Xbox 360? Solved!

By Tony Moton

December 04, 2018

Xbox 360 is a game console launched by Microsoft and is the successor of Xbox One. Though Xbox 360 is a game console, it is far more than a video game console. You can play games with Xbox 360, but many people prefer to play DVD on Xbox 360. Well, how to play DVD on Xbox 360? Xbox 360 is equipped with DVD driver so that users can watch movies and videos on this game console directly. However, it should not be treated as a primary DVD player. Accordingly, the following ways to play DVD on Xbox 360 are introduced to you below.


Part 1. Play DVDs on Xbox 360 Directly

To play disc on Xbox 360 is very simple. It does not need any extra DVD player, you just need to insert the DVD into the Xbox 360 and play it straightforward.

Step 1: Insert the DVD into the disc drive of Xbox 360. When the Xbox 360 read the disc, the movies will automatically load to the device.

Step 2: After loading, you need to choose the "Play DVD" option and not play game.

Step 3: When you click "Play DVD", a menu interface will show up. Press the arrow keys and "OK" on remote controller to start the movie.

For some DVDs, there have encrypted or region code to protect copyright. Therefore, if the Xbox 360 cannot read the DVDs, it is partly because the DVD region code is not compatible with the game console. As a result, you are not able to play DVD on Xbox 360.

Part 2. Play DVDs on Xbox 360 with TuneFab DVD Ripper

One may be confused why we can play DVD on Xbox 360 directly but we still need to covert DVD to Xbox 360? Please take a close look at the reasons and find out how to convert DVD to Xbox 360.

1.  DVD is easy to be scratched and damaged under frequently usage, thus, ripping DVD is a best way to protect the DVDs.

2.  Thanks to code protection, different regions have their own DVD region codes. In order to play DVD on Xbox 360 successfully to avoid code mismatching, it is a good choice to rip DVD into Xbox 360 first with DVD ripper.

3.  If you are a movie fan and want to keep the movies you like, you can rip the DVD to hard drive and watch them anytime.

A good DVD converter is very important in converting DVD to Xbox 360. With a proper DVD converter, you can achieve high quality and save a lot of time. TuneFab DVD Ripper is highly recommended to you for its amazing features and utmost video quality.

How to Convert DVD to Xbox 360 with TuneFab DVD Ripper

TuneFab DVD Ripper is a great choice for ripping DVD to Xbox 360 with easy steps. After converting DVD to Xbox 360, we do not need to insert DVD into Xbox 360 anymore, what we need to do is to transfer the converted DVD file to Xbox 360 via USB. Please follow the tutorial guide below to convert DVD to Xbox 360.

TuneFab DVD Ripper has the following features: rip DVD into more than 300 formats; with 6X faster speed than other rippers; DVD files edition function; add audio tracks and subtitles etc.

Step 1. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper

When finished installing the program in your computer, insert the DVD into the computer DVD driver.

Step 2. Load Disc/DVD Folder/IFO Files

Click the button of "Load Disc" to read the DVD contents. If you have other contents you need to select "DVD Folder" or "IFO Files" to load them into the computer.

Load DVD Disc

Step 3. Select Output Settings

When the loading is finished, choose "Profile" to select the output format. You can preview the movie before ripping to get the format you want.

Profile Settings

Step 4. Choose Destination

On the interface of "Preferences", you can change the destination for easy storage by clicking "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse".

Preferences General

Step 5. Start to Convert

After all the settings done, click "Convert" button to convert the DVD and it will be finished within minutes.

Convert DVD Successfully

After the conversion, the compatible video files can be transferred to USB flash and you can play it on the Xbox 360 easily.

Part 3. Tips on Playing DVD on Xbox 360 Console

There are different DVD and game regions for different Xbox 360 console in accordance with the international standards. So when you play DVD on Xbox 360 directly, you need to take the following factors into consideration.

Supported DVD regions: According to the DVD regions that matches suitable game region to play DVD on Xbox 360.

Supported formats: The Xbox 360 console supports most movie formats including AVI, MPEG-4, WMV etc.

Supported disc type: The Xbox 360 support game discs, DVD discs and CD discs.

Other consideration: The Xbox support maximum bit rate and resolution or frames per second. And you may have less quality with a higher bit rate. The maximum file size for an MPEG-4 is 4 GB. However, Windows Media Player 11 supports streaming WMV files larger than 4 GB.

All in all, Xbox 360 is a game console not a primary DVD player, if you want to watch movies on Xbox 360 sometimes, you can follow the methods mentioned above to play DVD on Xbox 360. In addition, TuneFab DVD Ripper is a excellent way to transfer the DVD into other formats for your easy watching. Therefore, if you are trapping in sucn a situation, please read this post to solve your problems and enjoy your movies.

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