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Best Guide on How to Fix A Scratched DVD

By Tony Moton

April 24, 2018

It is a common fact that a DVD used for a few years later, it will show some wear and tear, like scratches, some of which can affect image quality that you see on the screen. If the accumulation of scratches is overmuch, a DVD may become unworkable. Therefore, when there are few scratches on the disc at the beginning, you have to fix these scratches immediately by yourselves before the disc is completely broken. Check this post to learn how to fix a scratched DVD and how to preserve DVD files forever.


Part 1. Useful Methods for Fixing A Scratched DVD

Method 1. Use banana to fix a scratched DVD

You may think I am kidding to you by saying using banana to fix a scratched DVD. Actually, it does work. What you need to do is cut a small piece of a ripe banana and apply it to the disc in a circular movement. And then rub the disc using the banana peel spirally and softly. When you finish doing both, you need to clean the disc with a supple cloth.

Method 2. Use toothpaste to fix a scratched DVD

We brush our teeth every day and you may not know toothpaste can be used to fix a scratched DVD. You have to keep in mind that do not use toothpaste that consists of rough particles or gels. Otherwise, your disc will be damaged once again. Just put some toothpaste on the disc, clean the surface with a soft cloth by starting from the center to the outer edge. After cleaning, wipe the disc to make sure that no toothpaste remains on the disc.

Method 3, Use disc repair liquid to fix a scratched DVD

This method is quite simple and common. Disc repair liquids are sold in many electronic stores. You can select one kind of these liquids and follow the instructions to fix your scratched DVD.

Method 4. Use wax furniture polish to fix a scratched DVD

Besides, you can also use wax furniture polish to repair the scratched DVD. Polish it with a piece of jewelry polish soft cloth and some wax to clean the disc from the center to the outer. Then wash it with cold water softly and wipe it dry with a cloth.

Tips: If all of the above methods fail, then it is time to let professionals handle it. Take the disc to a nearby music or DVD rental store. They sell dedicated machines that can repair scratched DVDs. It would be very expensive for you to buy one if you just want to fix a single disc.

DVD Repairer

Part 2. Backup DVD Files in Order to Avoid Being Scratched Again

Because DVD discs are vulnerable so they can be scratched easily. Deep scratches can fundamentally damage the disc. Therefore, the best way to protect and preserve a DVD is not to save it into a DVD cabinet but to copy its contents to your computer folder as backups. Since then, you don't need to worry about if the disc is broken and how to fix it to get files back. For this purpose, what you need is a DVD converter that can read your DVD files, rip them into plain digital formats such as MP4 and save them to your computer drive.

And TuneFab DVD Ripper can do you such a favor. It is an ideal DVD ripping and copying software that allows users to digitize DVD files without quality loss. The program converts any DVD movies to over 300 formats, including MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc. with 6X faster ripping speed. Its internal video-editing feature can help you DIY videos to make them more funny before converting them. Now its time to learn how to run this program to help us backup DVD files.

Now, download and install TuneFab DVD Ripper by clicking on the "Try it Free" button. Free trial version is provided to both Windows and Mac.

Step 1. Load DVD to the Program

Make sure you have inserted a DVD disc to your DVD drive on computer. Then click "Load Disc" to import DVD files. Besides, you can pull down the menu to load videos from a DVD folder or IFO files.

Load DVD Disc

Step 2. Choose A Format

Go to "Profile" to choose an output format. Over 300 formats are offered to you. Choose the one that you want according to your demands.

Note: If you want to adjust video, audio or 3D settings of the converted video, please click "Settings".


Step 3. Specify A Local Folder

Go to "Preferences" interface. Choose "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse" to choose a local folder for storing the converted DVD videos.

Preferences General

Step 4. Click to Convert

After finishing all the settings above, go back to the main interface and hit "Convert" to start the DVD ripping process. Wait for few minutes and your files will be saved into the folder that you have chosen.

Converted DVD Successfully

By using TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can 100% convert your precious DVD movies to digital format and save them into your computer folder as backups. You can no longer be afraid of losing your files when the discs are damaged. It is the best way to preserve your DVD files as long as your computer drive is in perfect condition. What are you still waiting for? The time it takes to convert a DVD is shorter than it takes to fix a scratched DVD. You won't miss this program.

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