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How to Rip DVD with the Fastest DVD Ripper

By Tony Moton

June 13, 2018

"I have an one-and-a-half-hour DVD videos to rip and have just prepared to rip them by using HandBrake, the so-called fastest DVD Ripping software. But it will take 3 hours which is so long. To save more time, can you recommend me the fastest DVD Ripper?"

The problem above is fairly common since some DVD Rippers available online actually require a lot of time to copy DVDs. Users will then have to spend additional hours getting the conversion done which is a waste of time. Thus, to save time, the fastest DVD Ripper which is recommended to you in the following post.

Fastest DVD Ripper


Part 1. Things to Consider When Choosing a Better DVD to MP4 Converter

TuneFab DVD Ripper is the best free DVD Ripper which can rip and copy DVD videos with the fastest ripping speed. It can help professional users ripping DVD videos to 300+ output formats which are available on almost all devices in unchanged video quality with up to 6X faster conversion speed. Still, more than its high efficiency, TuneFab DVD Ripper also shows an excellent performance in converting copy-protected DVDs in minutes with the original quality.

Why Can TuneFab DVD Ripper Be the Fastest DVD Ripper?

1. Fast DVD Loading

TuneFab DVD Ripper can read and load any DVD videos from DVD disc, DVD folders, or IFO files very quickly and instantly. Also, even for DVDs with DRM encryption, this DVD Ripper can load the contents in DVD within a few minutes.

2. Main Title Detecting

After the DVD videos have been loaded, this fastest DVD Ripper will immediately detect the main title of the videos in DVD, which enables users to select the one they want to rip from DVD directly in the program instead of manually uploading the contents.

3. Rip/Encode DVD with Fast Speed

The up to 6X faster conversion speed of ripping or encoding DVD videos to common digital formats is the highlight of TuneFab DVD Ripper. It's worth mentioning TuneFab DVD Ripper's fast ripping speed is mainly due to the support of its hardware acceleration(Intel, NVIDIA or AMD) and Multi-core CPU. The fast ripping and encoding speed accelerates the conversion of DVDs, which prevents wasting time.

Due to the three accelerated catalysts above, the DVD ripping process in this TuneFab DVD Ripper speeds up highly and dramatically. That's why this program can be regarded as the fastest DVD ripper.

Part 2. How to Rip DVD with the Fastest DVD Ripper

Now several simple steps on how to rip DVD fast with this fastest free DVD Ripper-TuneFab DVD Ripper will be shown to you.

To begin with, make sure you've downloaded the latest version of TuneFab DVD Ripper. Then install it to the desktop. After that, follow the instruction below to rip DVDs easily and quickly.

Step 1. Load DVDs to This Fastest DVD Ripper

Open TuneFab DVD Ripper after the installation. Then just click "Load Disc" to import your DVD videos.

Note: If other contents in DVD folder or IFO files are needed, you can pull down the lists to load them.

Load DVDs into the Fastest DVD Ripper

Step 2. Select Output Formats & Other Output Settings

This fastest DVD Ripper enables users to rip DVDs to 300+ output formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MP3. Click "Profile" to choose the suitable output format for yourself. Or click on "Settings" and you are able to adjust video/audio settings for your videos.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 3. Specify Output Folder for Storation

On the "Preferences" interface of the fastest DVD Ripper, select a destination folder to store your ripped files in "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse".

Specify Output Folder for Storation

Step 4. Hit to Convert

After specifying your output folder, just click "Convert"  and start converting your DVD videos into digital format.

Hit to Convert DVDs

Part 3. Additional Features of the Fastest DVD Ripper

Except for ripping and converting DVD videos freely and fastly, TuneFab DVD Ripper also provides more multifunctional features which make it more outstanding.

1. Video-editing

This fastest DVD ripper allows you to trim and crop your DVD videos as you need. You can also add 3D effects or favourite watermarks like your name on them. Brightness and contrast are also allowed to set by this fastest DVD Ripping software.

Video Editing Functions

2. Audio Tracks & Subtitle Selection

When using this fastest free DVD Ripper, it can help you preserve or add audio tracks & external subtitles in your preferences.

3. Parameter Settings

TuneFab DVD Ripper also brings users a package of parameter settings such as bitrate, sample rate, encoder, resolution etc. for enhancing the quality of the converted videos.

4. Preview & Snapshot

When ripping movies from DVD with TuneFab DVD Ripper, users are able to preview the videos. Also, users are allowed to snap pictures easily according to personal needs.

As the fastest free DVD Ripper, TuneFab DVD Ripper can rip and convert any DVDs in unchanged quality with the fastest speed. Also, its appreciated multifunctional features has helped users rip DVD more efficiently. Thus, if you wish to rip DVDs to other video formats for playing on popular devices like iPhone, Android mobiles, iPad and so forth, TuneFab DVD Ripper is worth a try!

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