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DVD to VOB: How to Rip and Convert DVD to VOB

By Tony Moton

March 12, 2018

In most of the case, directly copying the VOB file of a DVD will only end up with an error message saying the DVD is not compatible with the computer. Is there something wrong? Normally speaking, it is impossible to transfer the DVD to your local file for commercially-produced DVDs are protected by CSS (Content Scramble System) to against unauthorized copy or piracy. You needs the key to get access the source. So the core causing the failure lies in the CSS that keeps you from the video source.

If you are interested in converting your DVD to VOB on your computer without any change to the file except the coding, use some help from TuneFab DVD Ripper. Having the skills to rip any DVD format, it enables you to convert your DVD into VOB format with lossless quality. At its latest version, it can process the file with 6X faster speed. After conversion, you can save all the titles or the chapters of your original DVD. Adding your own unique style of video-editing is possible with its settings function. In a word, it is not only a DVD converter but a primary video editor.

Next is the detailed tutorial to help you understand how to use the program to rip a protected DVD to VOB format.

How to Rip and Convert DVD to VOB

Step 1. Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click on "Try it Free" button to download the program. The program can function well respectively on Windows and Mac. Free trial with a 5 minutes limit is provided for your own product experience. Nothing different between a free trial and a full one expect the time limit.

Step 2. Import DVD Files

Before firing up TuneFab DVD Ripper, remember to insert the DVD to your computer's own DVD reader or an external DVD reader to allow the program to recognize the file.

Click on "Load Disc" to select and upload the target DVD files. In order to import the VOB file, you just need to choose to "Load Disc" from the pull-down list.

Load DVD Tracks

Step 3. Adjust Your Output Setting

Click "Settings" to set the output format. In the video format section, hit the arrow icon to choose "VOB MPEG2 PS Format" out of "General Video". If you change your mind about the output format, you can roll down to see which format interests you most.

Output Video Format

If you want more, audio and 3D settings are also accessible.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 4. Change Your Output Folder

Click on "Browse" next to the destination selecting bar to change the location that you are going to put the exported file. Skip this step if you want your file saved in the default folder.

Change Output Destination

Step 5. Start Converting

All the settings being done, you can click the big eye-catching button "Convert" to complete the last step. Wait for it to finish. Usually it won't last longer than a few minutes depending on the size of the to-be-converted DVD.

Click to Convert

Go to the destination folder to check whether the video format has been converted to VOB and play it on whatever media player you have on your computer. If the DVD can play successfully, it means TuneFab DVD Ripper has done its job as it is supposed to.

If it fails, you might consider that your media player lacks MPEG-2 encoder/decoder. If you have trouble finding one for your VOB file, I recommend you one of the most popular video player that is both free and able to detect VOB files - VLC Media Player. It can support playing video of any format and function well on most of the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

VLC Media Player

I can say that the instruction is not very complicated. You can practice with the free trial of TuneFab DVD Ripper to see if you can handle the steps.

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